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Why all Architecture Students should be using Steemit – Sndbox 006

in architecture •  4 months ago

After reading @manouche 's comment, I feel very lucky to be exposed to Steemit as a resource for me to utilize the presentation of my thesis proposal to everyone in the cohort, in addition to other Steemit users that follow me. I do feel that this liaison between the Steem blockchain and architecture school should be the arrow that pierces through the conservative attitude that the curriculum currently has.

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@twotoedsloth exactly! Blockchain could be the biggest revolution in architecture since we moved off the drawing board and into CAD (before my time ;)).


Yeah, we definitely need to redefine the curriculum in schools, especially for architecture. And maybe the blockchain is the best way to gain recognition for this process that we learn to develop in school. PLUS, the kind of feedback and interaction you can get from a diverse audience is so valuable. As a student, it's possible to make the time to spend some time on showcasing how a project came about by blogging or writing about it on a platform like steemit. Imagine if students did that during the duration of their schooling - it's a readymade portfolio when you graduate.