A Fairytale Cabin In The Woods

in architecture •  19 days ago

I went out hunting for gems the other weekend and discovered this awesome cabin in the woods.

I was really surprised to see a small community of about 6 homes on the side of a mountain in the forest. They are very well hidden when walking in or even when viewing from Google satellite maps, I used the latter when researching the hiking route.

I imagine the owner must be an artist of some kind. This type of architecture, boulder walls with rock spires, and attention to detail is just not common. In addition, it's costly to build both in time and materials.

Look at the roof. It's an absolute masterpiece! Not only the color coordination, but the angled shingles. I may be over thinking it, but either that took planning or some talented people just went at.

I am still in awe at looking at these photos 2 weeks later. It is such a special cabin. Who built it? How long did it take? How expensive was it? Have they built any other homes?

While it is beautiful and I would love to own it, I wouldn't want to live in it, rather have it as a vacation home. Something tells me it's not very comfortable on the inside compared to modern homes.

What do you think about this cabin? Anything you see that stands out?

Oh, and if you are wondering what I was hiking miles up a mountain through the forest for, you'll have to wait. I'll post that adventure in 2 weeks for Mineral Mondays #44.

I'll be back tomorrow with Mineral Mondays. It will be about a rare, black gemstone(not black opal).

Thanks for reading!


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Whoa and wow what a cool looking place!
One does wonder what it looks like inside, could
be out of this world even cooler than the outside!
The whole thing stands out, very beautiful, it must
of taken your breath away to see!

Thank you so much @rt395 for showing this
very awesome place for #bouldersunday!


Good point about the interior. I imagine it must be as interesting as the exterior.

When I first saw it I really felt like I was about to enter some fairytale. Then I saw the normal cabins around it.

What an amazing place! I noticed the roof and the use of rocks in the yard. It would be a very fun place to visit.


I should have taken better pictures of the rock walls and foundations, but I was too taken back by the cabin. To the right of the house was what looked like a kiln made of the river rock too. I'll be back up there in the next couple of months so I'll get some better pictures then.


I will look forward to the updated photos. :)

Very cool. I wonder if the roof helps make it hard to see on google maps🤔


Hey Steven, actually the canopy of the trees totally conceals the cabins on google maps. If the trees weren't there then the cabin still might blend in because most of the mountain fauna is sage and other brownish-green plants.

That is simply charming and was obviously built with a lot of love. It stirs the imagination!


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