Rustic Cliff-top Shack, For Your Viewing and Dining Pleasure – Architectural Photography

This is my entry in the ArchitecturalPhotography contest by @juliank.

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This rustic restaurant is housed in a rudimentary little structure on Koh Lanta, a little-known Thai island just off the coast of Krabi. As you travel southwards on the island’s coastal road, the beaches come to an end, turning into a hilly, rocky coastline.

All the comforts of … a city? (Avoid!)

The steep cliffs are not very suitable for resorts or guesthouses. On the other hand, there were several restaurants with decent views. Unfortunately, most of them were uncomfortable upscale restaurants. They had been built by first tearing away large portions of the cliffs, and then erecting large, ugly concrete boxes that looked totally out of place – as if they belonged in a city.

Those buildings may have been decorated and embellished to look respectable or even fancy, but that only made them even more improper for their setting on a tropical island. I avoided them.

A shack, a snack, and a view of the blue 

This one, however, did not disturb its environment in any way. In fact, I’m sure that the builders did not even move any of the dirt or rocks on which it was built. They simply erected the frame of the shack and secured it to the cliff.

It may not have been perfectly secure, but it was safe enough for me. Moreover, this modest little place had the most stunning view over the Andaman Sea – bar none. And the food was delicious.

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And I'm sure the food was reasonably priced too :)


Very reasonable. And unreasonably delicious.

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I haven't been to Koh Lanta, but I have been near Kraby. Definitely on top of my favorite place in South East Asia, how amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)


Hmmm, I did not go TO Krabi, but just passed through it. But of all the wonderful beaches and seascapes in Thailand, I think Krabi was a reputation for being among the finest.

I might try to go there soon.


Thailand has great beaches and beautiful places!

Man I wish I was there right about... now! Eating a pad thai and sipping on a singha.
Love Koh Lanta :)


Right. And another good time would be ... now!

All told, Koh Lanta was probably the best vacation I had in Thailand (of about 10 trips). The beach, the scenery, the restaurants / cafes / bars, the little villages, and the people -- all were simply wonderful

I had 2 weeks of ultimate relaxation in a great environment. I might go back there soon.


Haha! Yeah same. Although I find each island I've been to in Thailand to provide travelers with a bunch of different vibes, all unique and gorgeous in their own way. (except maybe for Koh Samet... not a big fan of that one)

Happy travels :)


I've been on Koh Samet twice, and each time, i stayed at comfy, cozy, quiet places. So, I kinda like it. But I did not like the busy beaches with the large resorts, or the chaotic little town right near the north pier.

I even found a little paradise .... believe it or not ... on Phuket. I never had any desire to go to that island, but when I lived in Singapore, I had a 4-day weekend and wanted a quick trip. I could fly to Phuket after finishing work in the eve, then, after 4 longs day, fly back to SG late at night.

I did a bit of research, and found a virtually deserted beach at the end of a cul-de-sac behind Nai Harn. A place called Ao Sane beach. Very peaceful. One rustic but comfy guesthouse on that beach, and another upscale resort.

Much of the rest of Phuket is kinda like a city ... horrible.

The only island in Thailand that i did not really like was Koh Sichang, just north of Pattaya. A bit rural, but no attractive beaches.


No I wasn't a big fan of the busy beaches either. The resorts were fine, but the island itself wasn't as amazing compared to all the other ones.
I also went at a time when the weather was not ideal so that probably didn't play in its favour.

Thanks for the tips on Ao Sane. I'll keep that in mind for myself and others who often ask for tips on Thailand. I must admit Phuket is usually just a transit town for me.

Having a delicious food on the table while endulging the sea breeze... Fantastic! Sea view is always pleasing to my eyes, and even more amusing when it's free from any debris produced by careless individuals.


Good point. On my recent vacation on Koh Samet, there was quite a bit of trash that washed up on the shore.

But when I was in Koh Lanta, the sea was blue, the water was clean and unpolluted. Almost like paradise!

I’d pay extra for this view rather than being in the city. It’s very relaxing. I’m looking forward to be on another island again. 😊


Ya, I'd pay to get out of the city and go there again. Maybe soon.....


Where do you plan to go next?


No plans. Maybe to Singapore to visit my old home and pick up some of my belongings.

As for beaches, I'm not sure. Maybe back to Koh Lanta. It was very relaxing and blissful.


How about the Philippines? 🇵🇭


Maybe ... maybe ... maybe ...

..cant help but notice the shades of blue and how the horizon cuts the ocean and the sky.
Theres a lot of structures like that here in Cebu sir @majes.tytyty,some were restaurants and a karaoke place found below the 2nd Marcelo Fernan Bridge.


Yes, two shades of blue, with a bit of brown wood. Sitting there looking over the ocean and into the sky, it was like I was awash in blue. Very nice, indeed.

Next time, maybe Cebu!

You almost makes me feel to come over to Thailand, IF ONLY I wouldn't think live in Cambodia! :D

This is one of the most original buildings that I once saw. Good luck to you.

My kinda place, looks cool, great picture and a better place to visit than pretentious places (where money is thrown into corporate style).


Agreed. Those corporate shitholes are a blight on the tropics!

It's such a shame when developers destroy natural beauty in the name of progress. This restaurant really blends into the landscape.


Indeed. It's also pathetic the way they do not even consider the scene or the landscape to be part of the resort.

I believe it may not be that they have bad intentions, but that they are simply incapable of creating a resort that retains the basic features and elements of the area.

Great view ..nice photography..thanku for sharing..@majes.tytyty

You're such a lucky guy! for you make simple things turned out into an extra ordinary place to be with.Like this shot, from how the restaurant and where it was built, the food and ofcourse it is situated near by the sea.
And you're right some guesthouse or restaurant that was built with a nice looked and materials but somehow it has to considered the impact for the invironment.

Thanks for sharing! really amazing!


Glad you like it!

Great view!

Amazing photographer

Nature at its best, the woody rusty restuarant and the serene environment, makes the place unique and cool. I like the fact that the restaurant is built beside the sea. At least the cool breeze from the sea will make the restaurant cool and relaxing. Nice photo @majes.tytyty

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Great photography

wow great photography what a work of architecture thanks for sharing.

It was very good to avoid them. Best luck. Many country of the world have some restaurants and resorts centre like them.

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So fantastic

wah a very interesting place to eat and relax, beautiful beachfront I'm sure many people who are interested in stopping at this beautiful beach I really like to enjoy the beach scene while enjoying the food

I like your post