Osogovo Monastery #2

Osogovo Monastery “Saint Joachim of Osogovo”.

The small monastery church “Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God” is supposed to be built at the end of the 11th century and renovated during the time of the Serbian King Stefan II Milutin.


The church is built in the form of an engraved cross with semicircular vaults and an eight-domed dome above the central part and a small dome over the narthex.


The big monastery church “Saint Joachim of Osogovo” is a monumental stone building with arches and domes.


On the rocks there are many icons depicting saints and biblical scenes.


The monastery was renovated and is under the auspices of the Republic of Macedonia. It is a holy place for the worship of Christians from Macedonia and Bulgaria.


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Looks like a very nice place, the church and the frescoes are amazing.


In spite of all the misadventures through which this monastery passed, they have managed to preserve most artifacts.


That's the most important thing and I'm happy to hear that.

Oh that is a nice iconography.. I am always interested in this religious artifacts..

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This monastery has experienced a lot and has remained as one of the centers of the Orthodox Christianity.


I once became hooked on iconography and made a research on it ...its history as well as the painting process and materials used.. I even painted one.. to research . I went to the russian Orthodox Church in Vienna's 3rd District and I was so impressed by the icons there...really amazing!

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There is a big difference between different schools in orthodox iconography. I'm no expert, but I've heard of at least three schools in Bulgaria, which have their own peculiarities.

I love iconographic art, the virgin mother and Jesus remind me of wisdom, love of wisdom/Sophia and Jesus/insight, the portal to God❤️


I am not a zealous Christian, but in such places I feel humble.

A lasting beauty and historical gem to treasure. Thanks for sharing my friend.


The history of the Balkans is diverse - from the time of the Thracians, through ancient Macedonia, the Roman and Byzantine empires, the Proto-Bulgarian state, the Ottoman Empire to the present day ....

I was curious because of a link to this post by @orcdu - > link
Very nice place!


In a previous post I have posted more information about this monastery.


You are welcome- Thanks for the hint ! :)