Most Prize Contest Gaming Possession of (Summoners War, Crash Team Racing & Candy Crush.)

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It is gratifying that moment when you are inspiring to make a post of a contest, you are looking for a way to find how to start the presentation, So They tend to spend moments of tension in games, whether they are puzzles, action, gore, suspense, physical, mental skills among others on this occasion of the Most Prize Gaming Possession. In this post I refer to things, objects or amounts relevant to those 3 games of the title, and not reference to something palpable (physical) that is in the course of my life, such as a game station, a computer or an object of collection, not at all similar, will be more important than ever.

Summoners War

Starting with summoners war is a game designed by Com2us of mmorpg style. Emerges the adventures of a character which must unlock monsters like pjs, through invocations and fulfill missions, The objective of the game is to master the arena, the towers and have an exceptional guild. the most precious object that can be a legendary parchment capable of invoking a very strong Pj, emotionaly i feel very excited and joinfull to play when i get it, also containing 4 to 5 stars and turning them into The most precious rank, together with the runes that help fortify the monster, we can not all have parchment stories, since they do not often pass by forever, because it was considered the most precious object of possession, which I would even like to collect.

Crash Team Racing

We all remember this wonderful game to spend an excellent time, (of course there were other versions but this was my favorite) especially at that time of the valuable play station that for me then I was not interested in the internet, anyway. Crash team racing is based on racing, can be either in team or individual, battles, adventures; between it there were obstacles and challenges and the most precious object is "significant relics" for the unlocking of new characters or the conclusion of the game and they are obtained by winning a set period of time, there are Sapphire, Gold and Platinum .

Candy Crush

This game came to fame in 2012, King games sponsored by Facebook, having millions of players. The positive side is that mental dexterity is performed on the person and their capacity is increased, combined with the geometric figures of the sweets and combinations of series to achieve the points and what is specified in the game: The object is more precise. 'Jackpots'' which are many accessories needed to win the stages (levels) , and have many support in the game, for me it is an obsession to win it every time it comes out on roulette, of course it is not constant but there is never any other help that the game gives you, since most of the games give the option to buy with national currency which I do not do but it is important for the game as they earn income.

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