[40 Steem In Prizes] Contest: My Steem Monsters Adventure. No Resteem, No Upvote, No Follow Required!

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This is the last week to get an entry in if you have not done so already in week one. Bring your storytelling, art skills, poetry and so much more to express the adventure you have had while playing Steem Monsters.



This is about the collective trading card game Steem Monsters. You could create Steem Monsters adventure around: monsters, summoners, opponents, splinters, battles, the realm, trading, player interaction and so much more. These are just some examples to get the creative process going.

It could be in the form of:

  • A written story
  • Artwork you have created
  • A written poem
  • A song
  • Charts and graphs

Rules Of Combat (Requirements To Enter)


  • Your entry must be a post that you link in the comment section below if you have not already done so in week one post.
  • Use #archdruidcontest as one of the tags. The rest is up to you to choose. Here are a couple example tags you could use: steemmonsters , gaming, game , ccg (collectible card game), story, writing, song, poem, and contest to name a few.

  • No repost of old content from on or off Steemit.

  • Only one entry per person.

  • No plagiarism and please cite sources if applicable.

No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

Liquid rewards go to future contests.

What We Look For


Judging will be based on but not limited to the following: quality, effort, it factor, detail, and uniqueness.



  • First place: 20 Steem
  • Second place: 12 Steem
  • Third place: 8 Steem

Thank you to our sponsor @Curie

Prizes will be paid out a couple of days after the contest closes depending on how many entries we have received.

Contest Close


  • All entries must be submitted to the comment section of this post or the previous post. This contest will close on Thursday, November the 29th at 4 PM Eastern Time (UTC -05:00).


Written by @Enjar on behalf of @Archdruid Gaming.

The cover image was created by @Yosuandoni. Screenshots were taken from a game called Steem Monsters by @Enjar.

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steemmonster oak and dwarf .jpg

Hehehe that is so cute :p

Why you all making fun of me - I know I suck, I just started!

this art is more a comic art about the OAK and the dwarf... no specific joke about players or something else

Fire Dragon


Gathering my final ideas so I can start putting it all on pen and paper! Just wait for it!

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As of 15 mins ago this contest has closed.

It's only 3 days old. :) The submission is the video in the post. Not this crappy photoshop job. :)

See it HERE!

Greetings! Here my entry/poem tribute to Magic Sphinx!

Good vibes.


Here's my entry! it's missing a cover but i'll definitely do it asap! Gottat go out now! https://steemit.com/archdruidcontest/@volderhein/raven-the-death-knight-or-my-steem-monsters-story

Just letting folks know there must be a bug in the Steemit tag system because not all posts are showing up that have the #archdruidcontest in case you were worried if your posts aren't showing up.

I've gotta say, I love everyone's creativity with this contest and am enjoying reading, seeing and listening to the entries :)

Not sure if the blockchain having some delays or just some of the dapps that could cause things to not show up. Since our tag is not a heavy used one it should show all post up to a week. Everyone that has left a comment here is showing up. Beyond that Steemit tends to show posts that are months old. Which is in part why we ask for people to leave a link to the post along with using the tag. Since week one posts would not be showing up. In more heavy used tags you might get to day 4 before it starts to get out of order or other issues.

That could explain it. Everyone who submitted in week one (last week) is not showing up in the tag. You'd think with a not frequently used tag, all would show up. I did not know that up to a week only shows up sometimes. Thanks for the info.

Howdy folks, I wrote a little didy about My Steem Monsters journey called “Confessions of a Mage” just for you. Though I also entered it in the Openmic contest, i hope you don’t mind :)