20 Curiosities about the History of Video Games that you probably DID NOT KNOW!

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Good to everyone from the Steemit Community, here @ibsem, in this POST I bring you 20 Rarities about Video Games, of which surely there must be some that you did not know, if you are a Gamer and curious, you will love this Post, here you will acquire Several points to impress your friends Gamers and look like a serious Gamer, I hope you like them!

⚫ Curiosities ⚫

1.- At the level of the individual campaign of "Halo 2, Metropolis", you can find a soccer ball hidden in a ceilin

2.- Megaman is blue thanks to the first appearance was in NES, which had a limited selection of colors.

3.- Mortal Kombat "was the videogame that led to the creation of the ESRB, the organization that classifies videogames based on age and violence in the United States, where even said video game came to be present in the discussions of the congress.

4.- “Pacman" was born one night that its creator, Toru Iwatani, went out to dinner with his friends. They asked for pizza, and the idea of the character came to mind when they saw the figure that was left when they picked the first portion

5.- From level 18, the ghosts of the "Pacman" stop turning blue and can no longer be eaten.

6.- The design of Zelda's Triforce is based on the banner of the Japanese feudal clan Hojo.

7.- Final Fantasy (the latest fantasy) was named for the fact that the creator and co-founder of Square, Hironobu Sakaguchi, used the last amount of money left to the company.

8.- The biggest fundraiser in history in a single day for the sale of a video game was the sale of Call of Duty: Moder Warfare 2, getting 410 million dollars on its first day of departure and follows Grand Theft Auto with 300 million Dollars.

9.- Xbox was originally going to be called DirectX-box because of its use of Direct X technology that originally worked on Windows and that served as the basis for managing the console's graphics and development platform.

10.- Halo 2 is the most sold Xbox game, sold 8 million copies. Its most direct competitor is the first Halo, with 5 million.

11.- Although you will almost never see them, Yoshi has teeth xD.

12.- Each of the more than 700 cars of "Gran Turismo 4", it takes a month for designers to create it.

13.- The best-selling Gamecube game? "Super Smash Bros. Melee", which sold just over 7 million.

14.- The biggest saga of video games if we count their number of deliveries is undoubtedly "Megaman". From the original Nes to our days, the saga has more than 43 sequels.

15.- The "Pacman" was the first game that had a character.

16.- Pokemon was going to be sold to Bandai but they rejected the idea because it did not seem like "a profitable idea to make two cartridges of the same game", they believed that it was not going to produce any benefit ... They thought bad ... very bad ..

17.- Shigeru Miyamoto is based on his childhood, in which he played to explore caves and mountains, to make the famous game of «Zelda«.

18.- The first product of Nintendo were decks of cards of a traditional Japanese game (Hanafuda)

19.- Before working as president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi had been director of a taxi firm and a Hotel of love ... the rounds that life gives not? xD

20.- If you look at the Scorpions, the tanks of humans in the «Halo« saga, they carry a six-figure number on one of their sides; This number is the birthdate of the art director of the game, Marcus R. Lehto. His initials also appear on the sole of Master Chief's boots.

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