More Presidio SRA Disinfo Being Spread: Why? #pedogate

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On Lift The Veil Too YouTube channel August 15, 2017 ...

...Ed Opperman repeated his false claim that Michael Aquino was at Fort Bragg in February 1970 when Jeffrey MacDonald's family was murdered.
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He also made the claim that Rudy Giuliani was the prosecutor involved in the Presidio Satanic Ritual Abuse investigation in 1986-87. There appears to be no evidence to support this claim of Opperman, which means he is actively - and given his professional investigative background, one would have to say, deliberately - spreading disinformation related to the Presidio case.

The evidence is quite clear that Giuliani was the prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, which includes the West Point military base where allegations of child abuse at the day care center (building 666) were made in 1984.

Giuliani worked as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 1983- 1989, a position he had sought to litigate specific cases.

From 1985-87 Giuliani had his hands rather full with the Mafia Commission trial, where he indicted 11 people including the heads of New York's 5 ruling crime families:

It seems unlikely that the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York would get involved with investigations and prosecutions at a military base in California at any time, let alone in the midst of the biggest anti-mafia trial in US history. It was the first successful prosecution of the Mafia using RICO laws.

The US Attorney in San Francisco who in 1988 dropped the initial case against Presidio SF day care center worker Gary Hambright was Joseph P Russoniello. It is plausible that he may have been involved with the SFPD investigation led by detective Sandra Gallant. This included a raid of Aquino's home in 1987, video tapes and photographs were taken away, but Russoniello never charged or prosecuted Michael Aquino or his wife.

Russoniello has been accused of involvement in CIA cover-ups linked to the Nicaraguan Contra-Crack Cocaine-CIA nexus exposed in the San Jose Mercury News in 1996 by Dark Alliance author Gary Webb (the journalist that recent movie Killing The Messenger was about).

Kris Millegan (himself son of a CIA agent) said this about San Francisco District Attorney Joseph P Russoniello:

 "In the 1980s, Joseph P. Russoniello was a U.S. Attorney in California. Presumably, a U.S. Attorney is a tough prosecutor who represents the best interests of the public; but Russoniello went soft when it came to a drug case involving the CIA.

Between 1981 and 1984, the DEA had compiled sufficient evidence to crack the biggest cocaine ring in California at that time. Police had nabbed several "frogmen" swimming onto a beachhead carrying at least four-hundred pounds of cocaine. Ultimately, 35 people were arrested, along with guns, drugs, catalogs for automatic weapons and silencers, and $36,800 in cash. Federal prosecutors declared that the money was evidence from the drug operation, and would be used for the trial. While this appeared to be a clean bust, the authorities were about to have the rug pulled out from under them.

The ring's alleged leader, Julio Zavala, claimed that the cash was not drug money, but was money earmarked to purchase weapons for the CIA's illegal Contra war in Nicaragua. Zavala requested that the money seized by the cops be returned to the Contras. According to Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News, Russoniello decided not to keep the cash as evidence, and did not want it forfeited to the government, which is the standard procedure in drug cases. The drug money was then returned to the Contras. In a 1986 Senate hearing, Senator Arlen Spector and investigator Jack Blum openly discussed Russoniello's capitulation to Contra Drug-runners. Blum stated that Russoniello had angrily shouted at investigators and Senator John Kerry, who was chairing the committee investigating intelligence-community links to the drug trade. Russoniello accused them of being "subversive for wanting to go into it." Some may say that Russoniello (now an attorney for companies that allegedly obtained government aircraft illegally) went from prosecuting criminals to representing criminals. Others may say that from the "frogmen" cocaine case to the current aircraft scandal, Joseph P. Russoniello has always represented the best interests of the CIA."

Source:[email protected]/msg68000.html

Senator John Forbes Kerry has his own family ties to the drug trade, but that's a story for another day.

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