aquaponics - rocket barrel stove water heater

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I got in to aquaponics a few years ago and thought I'd show what I had going

I could heat 275 gallons of water at 1 degree an hour in the coldest times here in Texas... this next video shows the rocket stove running with NO smoke in the outshoot

the next video shows how much I was harvesting to juice....awesome

if your NOT doing this at home, your losing out.... it doesn't get any better

tomatoes in January

a couple of months later

the following sept

the above set-up was filtering the water too much! Live and learn

and the last update

I lost it all twice... live and learn. Ask if your interested, Mark

@aggroed I saw your latest video and it inspired me to post this

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This is really cool!
I got into aquaponics about 6 or 7 years ago and have been dabbling with it ever since. I can't do it year around because it's too cold here in the winter, but I do enjoy messing with it in the summer. I just use goldfish in the water, they're hardy and not too temperature sensitive, although I don't eat them. :-)
I saw this link on the msp sustainable chat room and had to check it out.


I just joined the sustainable chat room, great.
Heating water IS a chore :-) Goldfish work great. Glad you enjoyed it. I'll start it up again if/when we ever move :-) I miss it. I could grow basil practically year round....thanks

This is great information. Very interested in the rocket mass heater. Clif High used to talk about that years ago and just have not gotten around to it.


this one was a bit of a successful experiment..... instead of rocket stove pipe a steel pipe made right would last forever.... then there is bricks of course..... just found Cliff High a few months ago. talk more later, glad we connected