🌴Adventure begins -Before the Wedding - Valentines Day - Birthday

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The wedding week has been hectic with Eden, my daughter arriving back from Los Angeles and Reno - my ex-husband arriving from South Africa and Katia's parents and friend arriving from Palestine.

Trying to keep up with Whaleshares has been quite a challenge for me.

It seems like January and February have been quiet on Whaleshares.

This celebration on Friday (Valentine's Day) will be a civil ceremony with a traditional church wedding happening sometime in the future (not sure when)

Jack and Lee went for a haircut this morning

Lee, with his brother, Jack and his father, Richard after the haircut at Chop-chop

Captured this beautiful full moon two nights ago

Treated ourselves to a wonderful breakfast at Milk Bar

Some quality time with my son

A very special week as he gets married on Valentine's Day and turns 31 the next day as he celebrates his birthday. Valentine - wedding - birthday.

Colour wash on my hair for the wedding - might let the grey grow out again

My son enjoys the dark hair - think it makes me look younger.

Looking forward to sharing more with you - hopefully, tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy my journal - and my crazy family.

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Congratulations to the bride and groom, and, of course, to you!



Thank you so much @creatr - thanks for supporting our posts

Thank you - really appreciate your support @creatr

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