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Boats in Marina / Watercolor Process and Techniques + Video

By: @shibasaki


I came to the marina in Atami. Atami is one of the popular hot springs in Japan! It is about 50 minutes by 'Shinkansen' from Tokyo, and it is a tourist spot that we can easily visit. And the sea side area has a marina. This marina is very nice. There are a lot of boats here. The surface of the water is so beautiful. Today I will draw the scenery.


[JPN][ENG]町内会長のお買い物/Chairman's choice shopping/KOUHEI HAYASHI Works.2018/09/11/TUE/22:38

By: @kouhei-gahaku


Today, I go to Daimaru to buy the gifts of the senior citizen's day at the neighborhood association.
If it is night, walk to Arashiyama in peace.
It is also a round-trip.
I walked 14 kilometers in total.




The Ancient Chapel of Toxteth - History & Poetry

By: @raj808


The ancient chapel of Toxteth is the oldest building in the city of Liverpool. The chapel dates back to 1618, and was built in the times of the beginning of the Puritan movement in reaction to anti-Catholic sentiment. This separatist religious schism gave rise to small independent chapels, places that followed a more inclusive doctrine which put less emphasis on the priest and more on personal worship.


Renovation part 2!

By: @fullcoverbetting


Well deciding to renovate the living room was a no brainer. We know that we did want to sand the parquet and we did know that we did want to repaint it again.


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I want to specially thank you for supporting the people who are creating quality content in this platform.It is very difficult to find quality contents in Steemit. When I joined in Steemit I had an intention to create useful,informative and quality blog posts for the community.But later I backed away from my plan as I have noticed nobody pays attention to the quality of an article.People just want to vote for somebody who is famous.

What an awesome service for the community, I'm about to start creating daily content on steemit and dtube so I've been doing research and I simply love this idea. A beautiful way to build the platform and get people excited to bring value to it. Bravo.

hahaha gotta go with what @traciyork said on this one :) LOVE those little guys :)

Thanks for the support!


You are welcome

Great shairing keep more @fkofficials

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Man! Appreciator is going to need all the love from the steemitbloggers family!

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