Renovation part 2!

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Well deciding to renovate the living room was a no brainer. We know that we did want to sand the parquet and we did know that we did want to repaint it again.

Sanding is almost done. But after the sanding the hard part comes. Choosing the right color!

Her is the parquet sanded:

Here are the samples we did pick out:

In combination with the dinner table in the living room:
living table.jpg

In combination with the cupboards (don't be fooled with the color of the parquet because that is the parquet of the bedrooms):

In combination with the sofa, also here the blankets to cover them are not the regular ones :) It is stored in the garage until next week!

What made choosing even harder was that my wife is working in Brussels, so I did have to take picture and send them over via whatsapp.

Her ultimate idea was charcoal, the middle of the three. But because we have 2 kids and 2 cats, it wouldn't be a smart choice, because you will notice every small scratch which is made!

So, which would you have picked and what did we pick?


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Not good at home making..unable to help but it help me a bit about to know something


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We only had to pick the color all the hard work was done for us :)


Haha...that is the complicated part which i always fail too....

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nice post steem,,
follow me

I would choose the colour of the top one. :D


It doesn't show on the picture but that would be blank :)
We choose another color this was posted. I will write a new post about it, when the walls are also painted!


Alright! Have fun!

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I always thought the sanding was the hard (dirty ) part . The painting was alright albeit a bit of a trauma as well! #steemitbloggers


We only had to choose the color all the hard work was done for us!


We only had to
Choose the color all the hard
Work was done for us!

                 - fullcoverbetting

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That would be a difficult choice but I would need more samples as none of these convinced me :) But in reality it might anyway look a little different to the photo..

Oh, that must be so difficult to choose while she's not there.. but I hope that you agreed and made the best choice for both of you! :)


Whatsapp is a great invention and really helpful
The colors indeed aren’t great on the picture!
And it became a complete different color than we did had the samples 😁

I would have gone with charcoal too
Not smart eh?
But it looks good haha


Charcoal indeed looks great. But with 2 small kids and 2 cats that wasn't the best option.
We did choose a mix of charcoal and white! Looks great :)

Hahahaha this is quite funny, that you posted your dilemma on Steemit. I will go with your wife's choice because of the shade of the charcoal! All the best @fullcoverbetting :)



It has become a mix of charcoal and white. Not as dark as charcoal but lots more user friendly :)
The wife choice is always the choice to go :)

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I have been called to action! I think I'd go with the top but I'm thinking you guys went with the bottom


We did choose the charcoal but added 5% white! That way it is still classy but not as dark as pure charcoal!

The charcoal one will make the whole thing classy. But yes.. With children we need to consider more. :)



Indeed it would it very classy! We have decided to go for a mix. The main color is charcoal but mixed with 5% white!
You will see the results when the walls are painted!

I would have chosen another color so as not to show wear and tear of a household with animals and kids. I had hardwood floors when we lived in Canada. Only had to resand and finish once and I had four boys, two dogs and two cats running around.


It is choosing between a great esthetic floor and indeed one which can be lived on!
We do hope that we have picked to color which does fill in both requirements!
Time will tell I guess!

I love the charcoal perfect fro hiding imperfections like scratches and stains except when somebody forgets to wear the mighty glasses. hehe. :-D Cheers to the renovation!


Thanks a few more days to go!

I love the dark, but I know kids and animals ... you've got to choose wisely :) Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I remember a reno I did where I brought home different pieces of wood flooring and would take my dog's paw and try to scratch it haha So many that I loved were simply not an option that way!


The choosen color is darker than I first though. It is charcoal with 5% white added to it!
Friday morning they will start with the walls!
I am too very curious to the result!


How long have you been married, mate?

Her ultimate idea was charcoal

That's all we needed to know. :-) Her job is to decide. Your job is to do.



😂 14 years!
I do understand how it works!
Still sometimes we need to stand up and say No ... I will do this!



With a username like that, I presume you're into wagering.

I don't like your odds.



Indeed the username gives a way a lot!
Always trying to beat the odds :)

I can really see going with any of them. I think it depends on your furnishing and wall color.

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The walls will be white and some black walls for the contrast!

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