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Juicy exotic fruits. My detailed drawing with markers

By: @kleonella


Today I want to show you my drawing with alcohol markers. One art materials store made a contest of drawings with theme of exotic fruits. Instead of drawing one, I decided to paint a lot of juicy exotic fruits. And this is my first post on Elegance.


The artist's soul never calms down and is not satisfied. Each new picture is his new life and a new world.

By: @daio


The true talent of the artist is manifested in his works on the uniqueness and recognizability of many other canvases. The great author is individual, and no one can change his original style, even he himself. The artist's soul never calms down and is not satisfied. Each new picture is his new life and a new world.




What's Cooking Challenge - Szechuanese Twice Cooked Pork

By: @rwedegis


Back in the early 1990's I took several Chinese cooking classes from Li Yuen Buesing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This is one of the recipes that I learned in one of the classes. It was one of my favorites but I haven't made it in years. Back in those days to get some of the necessary ingredients, I would have to drive to Boston's Chinatown to buy them. Now, thanks to Amazon.com, I can get them delivered to my door in 2 days.


Travel adventures - Germany - Hohentwiel

By: @delishtreats


Hohentwiel - the largest fortress ruin in Germany doesn't cease to amaze us. We've been there several times and we keep coming back whenever we have visitors staying with us or if we don't feel like driving for too long.


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I like what you do about the contest.

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