The scenery around Hampi, India is absolutely gorgeous. We always travel together, ...

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... so we can have thousands of memories shared.


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Hi @yangoldberg

I've noticed that we're both playing holybread and it seem that you were on my way :) (I play as @project.hope)

Hope you're enjoying playing holybread. I found this game quite entertaining. Perhaps it will get boring soon, but right now it's still loads of fun :)

What's your impression so far?


So far it seems to be ok. It's definitely not the best game I ever played, but it's a good concept and I'm glad to participate in it. I do think that they should focus on making a mobile app, introducing ads and give part of the revenue to players, otherwise this project will die pretty soon.

It's me again @yangoldberg

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

I would need to ask you for little favour. Recently I've decided to join small contest called "Community of the week" and I desribed our project.hope hive/community. Would you mind helping me out and RESTEEM this post - just to get some extra exposure? Your valuable comment would be also appreciated.

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

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