Is it okay to take a photo of people?

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You take a pic, publish it on the blockchain without asking first is that okay?
To be honest I have a huge problem with that. I find it hard to join these contests.
I remember I once saw myself back in a holiday brochure at the site of a swimming pool.

Times changed.
Schools are no longer allowed to use photos of your children for their paper or site. They even need to ask for your permission to take a photo of your child at all. And while the school needs to ask, parents are furious if they do it without permission parents do not care. They shoot photos and publish it wherever they like.


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If you believe hospital life is fun you are wrong.
For the biggest part, it is taking care of yourself. No matter if you can sit or eat by yourself. If dinnertime is over your time is up.

Bicycling is what we do a lot.
I once read each Dutchman has two bikes. We don't.
Thebus-kid just repaired my daughter's bike. It needed a new saddle. My wolf ate what was left from the old one. Saddles apparently taste good. Now she can go by bike to the train station.

If I ever leave the country I will no longer need a bike. I can walk, order my shopping online and stay at home, in my cave, under a rock.

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Without consent
Shoot he into the photo
Really not very good

I think whether or not it is okay to photography people depends on what the reasonable expectation of privacy is. In public, you shouldn't have any privacy expectations. If you are in your house or backyard that might be another story.

That is an interesting point of view although by now the law says difference plus I already learned and was warned over 40 years ago not to make photos from people in public without asking first. It depends on the country too and the person perhaps?

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Agreed. Consent is so important especially since things can't get deleted from the blockchain

Thank you for your comment. I know it was not really an issue years ago but it is now.

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For what it's worth -- photos aren't stored on the blockchain. Only URL links TO those photos.

If the photo is deleted from the hosting server, the URL link is broken, and the permanent link on the blockchain leads nowhere -- not really that different from typical web applications.

Thank you for your good thoughts again and for joining my contest though, you are a little bit afraid of posting a picture of the people in social media. My friend told me that we have to be very careful. Anyway, it depends on the caption we describe a person. Here is my place, it is really prohibited but my employer permitted me for the male but for their daughters, I would not take my risk in posting especially after the puberty period.

Good luck my @wakeupkitty stay healthy.
Is that true wolf ate some part of your bike? It tastes yummy maybe?

Yes the wolves are several parts of the bikes. Mainly saddles. 😖

I think we should be careful with what we post. People is no option.

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Yes, my friend told me not to post my grandchildren here. We are free in our country but she advised me to delete all the picture of grandchildren. From now on I never used their picture.

@olivia08 It is better not to post photos of children. If it comes to that a lot has changed. It is better for you and their safety.

Thank you very much

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You are welcome dear. Are you in the hospital now?
I hope that it's not you.

@olivia08 No I stay with my daughter. I should call the doctor but did not do it. I will do it once I am back home. The only time I can spend in hospital is during school holidays but I have no intentions to go back. ❤️

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Permission to post photos.... good thing Bobi the Bad doesn't have a lawyer, nor do Prince and Bear, nor the grandchildren... I'm afraid I've posted my siblings and others without asking permissions first. What other sins do I commit, just when I was thinking I'm more guilty of "Sins of Omission" (all that I fail to do)???
THanks for this!!

I guess you have to give permission if it comes to Bobi the cute and Prince and Bear and your grandchildren their parents. I ask my children first and also if it comes to others. Some are fine with it others hate it. I know years ago it was no issue now it is.

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Bobi the Cute! What is this heresy
The Onion did a story a while back about a girl suing her parents for posting her baby photos all over social media. Only, I think this was a real story, not satire from The Onion.... eh. Not gonna google it. Not.

@carolkean Children changed too. I don't know what happened. There was a day all babies we're photographed naked on a fleece (sheep's cloth) in sepia or black and white...
Who recognizes a baby? Better not google it.❤️

Oh, those baby photos... the trouble we can get into today!

@carolkean Indeed. Good there was not much internet in those days. Happy day 💕

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Someday I'll figure out how to pay this forward

No worries dear, just dropping a beer for a good steemian I passed by. I remember your name who help @kendra19 about her love to cats. I don't know if it is you or another one. Have a nice day and cheers for...


I need to revisit @kendra19!!!
Thank you for reminding me and thanks for the BEER!!!!

Thank you @carolkean, even me I miss @kendra19. She loves cats.

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That's why my photos are (almost) all people-less.

Exceptions are public events where attendees implicitly agree (opt-in) to be photographed and their photos published without them knowing about it in advance. They learn retrospectively with the message from Facebook :)

This year I will most probably face a huge dilemma. My son is growing up. He will be ten soon. He is a promising snowboarder and will need media exposure to attract prospective sponsors. Equipment, training, traveling, ... it costs a lot.

So ... we will need to sell his online privacy in order to support his potential career.

What to do? How to do it? How deep should we go into this rabbit hole?

Stay tuned for more ...


I think your son has a voice in it too. If he is that good his privacy will be gone anyway. I learned it is easier to share what you agree about as let people find out about themselves.
I wish you and your son luck and hope to hear/read more. Enjoy your day. 💕

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Of course, you are right.

Good that you've reminded me I must not implicitly assume things in his name.

Yes, it will be first my son's and then a family decision on when, how and how much will we publish.

Why I forgot about his voice? Because he already lives in a world where he and his friends follow every post on FB about what their snowboard heroes do. They don't question the background and implications. They take it for granted. It's the way their world functions. We, their parents must be alert because we know the past and we think about the future.

Children don't plan things, they don't think of consequences. That's why they are still children. At least majority of them at the age of ten :)

@ervin-lemark You know your child(ren) best. Mine were/are different. Never on FB by the way they don't care and see since years what is game, made up, gossip, etc.We always talked and shared everything we did since they were very young. I worked a lot and they took care of themselves and still do. They have a very strong will and opinion.

It is hard to do what is best but good to protect them. ❤️

Then you did your parenting job very good. Congrats!

I might have been overreacting when I've said they are constantly on FB :)

We try to limit it to a reasonable level and I hope that we are succeeding so far...

Thank you very much for your comments. I do appreciate them.

@ervin-lemark I guess mine have other interests. They do no care about social platforms and I always found FB boring too.

You are welcome. Thanks for your answers. I appreciate it too. ❤️

Hello and good morning, all dressed in white.

We're not here yet -> :)

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Yo no tengo imágenes de personas reunidas. Debo salir y tomar alguna para este concurso.

Una persona es gente también. 🤔 Mejor pregúntales primero. 💕

One person is people too. 🤔 Better ask them first. 💕

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