Me Playing Piano, Song Idea # 1: I am glad I got to jam for you guys real brief, ...

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... this is just one of my many styles of playing and improving on the keys, sometimes it’s real pretty and melodic, other times it is jazzy and bouncy, sometimes it is dark and suspenseul and classically driven, and sometimes just those feel good peaceful soulful vibes. But yeah, whenever I can, I gotta sneak in my recording moments. If I could rap loud and sing until my lungs fell off, I would lol That is how much I love music and sharing such a gift. Anyway, please enjoy. I plan to answer all my comments from previous posts today.


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Super Beat... I am always ready to hear 🎧 Good New Music 🎵 😊

Thank you very much mayliberty, I hope to create and share more music when the opportunity provides itself. Appreciate you listening and so glad you like it

You’re too kind bro, to my trained musician ear, I expect more from myself and I want to improve so much, but I must continue to practice practice practice. But I am also an artist who shares my works in progress because I never know what tomorrow brings, I don’t want to hold on to many songs so long until I think they are perfect, sometimes the timing is never right, and perfection is out of reach, so I share it anyway

Finding the own style is much more worth than perfection, you doing good tho. But finding your boundaries is great to improve. I wish I have more time to express myself, so this is gold.

Wise words bro, indeed we must be original and true to our own style, your artwork and graphic design is amazing, when you do have time to express yourself in your passions you will do great things as you have done before :)

I really love this style, so pretty and melodic as you say, fantastic my friend, Really appreciate you sharing with us!!

Thank you my friend, yeah I was in that laid back relaxing healing mood lol it soothes the soul and preps the kids for sleep time :) I enjoy sharing and you are most welcome

Your welcome 😀 Beautifully lull the children to sleep...

It worked! And I finally answered all my comments lol 9 days worth, a shocking amount haha, this night has been great and productive

Oh wow haha, congrats! A new baby and having 2 small children as well can do that lol! Your doing great my friend, life is good and going to be great!

Truer words couldn't have been shared, I appreciate the positive boost

Your welcome 😀

that was so melodious to enjoy wonderful can't say more 😀

That's one of my favorite musical words to use. Melodious, thanks for the sweet comment isabelllaa, more piano playing, singing, rapping and even Beat making coming soon

I must have to say that i love your style. You need to find some more time for us so that we can listen to this beautiful piano tunes❤.

I am glad you have shared such nice words, they motivate me to find more time for playing, and performing, I will see what I can share next :) appreciate your support toushik

You are so talented in everything god bless you and yeah keep sharing more :)

Thank you for your gracious comment kristiiana, I definitely will be sharing more as soon as I can

Nice man 🙌🏽

Thank you for lending your ears jboogz, highly appreciate that, I'll be sharing more soon when I can, I got some tracks in the works...

i tried to play it once but you are a professional in this amazing to watch this out 😊

You are too kind my friend cutiepie, I should be practicing way more often, what you hear and see is mostly me remembering from muscle memory, but I think I need about one to two more years of practice to get back to how I used to play when I was younger. But I don't regret it, because when I wasn't playing piano, I was strengthening my singing and rapping voice, and making complex beats and instrumentals, so I became more well rounded and versed as a musician and performer :)
You can play piano like this or even better if you start now and continue for a few years, easily!

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