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... le.
💭This video is far from perfect, but it captures a raw moment of what practice means. It’s about effort, failing, trying again and getting better. To be honest I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my physical strength, but that’s life. Wee get presented with challenges, which are nothing but opportunities to learn and grow. Since the end of December until now, for over 3 months I was constantly getting sick, my skin all over my body looked and felt inflamed, itching like crazy, I was falsely diagnosed with eczema, I was in pain, tired and sad. I was praying to be healthy again, feel like myself, comfortable in my skin, able to workout and move freely. Now finally after many treatments, mainly practicing patience, giving my body time and rest, trying to stay hopeful, I feel a lot better and slowly getting back on track. I‘ve always loved being active, dancing, running, fitness, martial arts etc. but right now more than ever I feel like practicing yoga gives me the healing I need and is the best way to slowly gain back my strength. Sharing my thoughts and journey, to remind you that we all go through things, but have the choice to grow through them. Stay home, stay hopeful & stay healthy 💛


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I like doing yoga and I started doing it a month ago once a week, but I'm still not very elastic

Yes me too! Just getting back into it and just like any skill it takes time and practice to get better, but it’s the journey that counts and if it makes you feel good that’s all that matters. Keep it up 😊

Wise words my friend, yes yes I will continue it because combined with training it helps to stretch muscles and control breathing

Wow...you are really beautiful to look at... Good shot...great job...enjoy👌

Great job Uma, the head stand was awesome! You Go Girl!!

Thanks! Will continue working on it ☺️

So good 👏👍

Te dejo mi post sobre acroyoga espero les guste


Thank God for the healing and Strength 🙏. Thid is really inspiring. Stay stronger!!!


wow that's so amazing ♥

Glad to ear You are feeling healthier now

Appreciate that 🙏🏽

🙏🏽🤍🕊 coming back stronger than ever!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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That looked extra peaceful 🙏🏾🎯

Beautiful Uma...

This is so similar to SuryaNamaskar we do in India.. infact if a person does 108 like these, they are considered very healthy & active..

Satisfying video

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