Mandatory bar and nightclub closings in Florida make for some crazy times. Today ...

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... at 5 PM all bars and clubs will close for 30 days, according to our governor, Ron DeSantis.

From the inside of our liquor store, right before all hell broke loose.


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Yeah. My wife and I might go out trampling for our booze tonight.

hahaaa....Be careful and don't forget to practice your 'social distancing' and I don't mean you in the front seat and your wife in the back lmao

Is that St Paddy's hair on Tina!

Oh yes, it is! lol She's all in on every holiday. She really is a hoot to work with :) Isn't that the shit though, that they closed the bars and nightclubs at 5 p.m. on St Patrick's Day eve??? Dammit!!! lol

Yeah, I have many frond memories of St Patrick's day in the pub. Dang, things are so messed up just now that I had almost forgotten it was today.

She looks like a right good laugh!

You're right, things are so messed up at the moment. Guard your family and make it through to the other side....that seems to be the object of the game right now. I see the blockchain as ever more invaluable due to the current 'social distancing' trend. As long as the internet still functions, that is. If the net goes down you will hear my howls of anguish clear across the pond lol

If the net goes down we are all goosed;!!

Fortunately it will probably outlast us all. Lol

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lol there were some really crazy shoppers there this afternoon. Stay safe!

No, this isn't me. This is Tina, my coworker lol

Good timing and more importantly now that you are well stocked on alcohol whick means you have enough sanitizers for the whole year. Just don't use it all for fighting from within 😉😁