San Diego - Meditation Garden 🧘🏼‍♀️| Travel Diaries #Appics #California #SanDiego ...

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... #Travel #gootimes #love #life #explore


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Enjoy your meditation @soldier. Btw a great pose looks relaxed


Thank you!

Classy Look as Always


Thanks :)

hey beauty )


Hello @wizzdom

Wow @soldier it's look like a great relaxing travel.


Sometimes you should invest some time for yourself and explore the soul within you.

Perfect place indeed for meditation :)


True! Surrounded by nature means a lot of energy

cool .. nice :)


Thank you!

Now I served in the US military. Not saying anything against it just wondering, why do you call yourself "Soldier"?


Feel free to check out a post that I made explaining why my username is soldier -


A nickname that stuck. Well earned

Cool and lovely look. I love it.

Seemed you were relax much better.

Such a lovely meditation place to be cool & relax.

beautiful dance queen

So gorgeous @soldier

Travelling is always refreshing it gives you positive vibes :)

I know this place!!!