APPICS Selfie and quality posting. I am now reluctant to post on APPICS until they ...

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... fix the formatting on iOS devices. This can be easily fixed by having a seperate and clearly defined subject heading space, and a separate area for the body of the text. In order to maintain the level of quality posts on Steem, there should also be a reasonable minimum word count. Quite simply, if you can’t write about what the photo is about, is it worth posting in the first place? Also, the monetary figure attached to the images is incredibly misleading. How could my initial posting be worth $8 but less than $1 week later? Adding a “return” button option in this section would help a lot with formatting too. It is about the reader experience after all. Also, I cannot edit this post once it hits Steemit. Esteem allows me to do it with other posts. Anyway, please let me know what you think about this. This photo was the best one out of a series of selfies taken before the #teamaustralia Christmas BBQ. I’ll post about that next, but for now I am putting APPICS on hold until they sort this out.


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Well hello Mr. I hope your having a great holiday season. I'm overwhelmed, exhausted but alive. Lolololol. But I'm still kicking. Atleast while the internet is down it's not too bad using APPICS on my phone. Running smooth. Really nice dapp

Well hello Ms. Prettynicevideo. Grin. So far Christmas is looking fairly good. I do like this app I just wish they could make a few minor improvements and it would be perfect. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020. Hang in there.

I really need to do some DTube videos.

I love dtube. You know, I like my vlogs, my more personal side here. My thoughts etc. But my Mysteries or parties, meetups etc I like for dtube. I'm sure APPICS like so many other dapps is focusing on growth and those little changes that can help make APPICS a bit more user friendly for everyone. The only thing I wish was that they had more tag options. But so far so good for me.

Esteem might work a bit better for your phone plus you get points for using it.