Every year i go to Denmark for a few times;the people, the landscape and the weather ...

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... (the order is not correct 😉) fascinate me again and again.....the weather is a little bit rough....but maybe that’s the way it is.....The great richness of our life are those little sunbeams that fall every day on our way- H.C. Andersen-


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beautiful shot 😇😇😇I really like it 😇

that's the most epic shot ever to see cool 😊

Thank you so much 😊

Great portrait shot 😁👌🏽

Many thanks 😊

which camera do you use? Of course the most important thing is the photographer behind the camera 😁

Is that sun rays?it really awesome moments when cloud makes sun shine rays😍

yes...they’re sun rays...i found it very impressive 😊

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