Never Stop Fighting! ✨ Yes, I have been quiet as of late. ✨ Yes, I haven't made a ...

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Pixie Stomp them ALL!!! I mean, there are no all... it's just 1 person vs ALL!

;) Oh I know who to stomp! But he wouldn't like me when I get angry;)

Good one!! Thx for sharing! Respect

You're welcome, Sig! I appreciate you! 🙏💛

Well done Pixie, noone messes with you, the Pixie Dust is powerful, stay awesome.

Thanks Erik! We are stronger together! No one messes with your awesomeness as well. :)💜

If you listen to the recording of the Wednesday meeting with an open mind and emotions in check, as I did, you come away with a completely different viewpoint than what is being reported in various post on the different tribes.

Emotions were high from many of those witnesses who fired the first shot, and there was not an attitude of wanting to find a solution but rather wanting to "win" the fight even if they burned down the building while doing so.

Justin Sun and the 3 Exchanges are not blameless either but the ridiculous name calling going on around here is just plain stupid.

There are two very simple solutions; go back to square one or break away and do "steem classic".

Going back to square one is very simple and can be accomplished with both sides getting what they need to make a deal work.

Not letting the Exchanges power down quickly and returning those tokens to the control of the people who actually own them is hurting the true owners of the tokens, not the Exchanges. In addition, it is more logical to assume the true token owners are more likely to side with the Pre-Tron blockchain than the current status.

This fantasy of multiple lawsuits being filed against the exchanges is not based in reality. Not unless someone is willing to put up several thousand of fiat USD to get the ball rolling. No major law firm is going to fund the legal costs in hopes they get paid later in Steem.

It was clear from that conference call that Justin Sun's interest is in protecting his investment. There was no hint from anything said that his intentions were to Centralize the blockchain, but when you hold a man's several million dollars investment hostage because you are afraid of what he might do in the future, without any evidence of such plans, then you have to expect him to fight back to gain control of his money again. It's not a matter of saving face, it's about saving an investment.

Trying to back him in a corner on the conference call to extract promises from him because you don't trust him but expecting him to totally trust you to do the right thing is naive at best, especially when the other side is a committee made of people with different agendas and emotions that can't come to some consensus on how to conduct the meeting in the first place.

I could say more, but I think it will fall on deaf ears anyway. So far, all that has been accomplished is to drive future investors away.

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