BLOGPOST! - 2019 Intentions - Leo Lunar Moon Eclipse - Letter To My Better Self

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Today is a special day! 

January 20-21, 2019 / 9:15 PM PST / 12:15 AM EST / 5:15 AM GMT


This Leo Eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse, meaning the Earth is crossing between Sun and Moon, blocking the light of the Moon. Unlike a Solar Eclipse, when the Moon overshadows the Sun, when we have a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is overshadowed by the Earth. This means that at this Lunar Eclipse you are guided by the instincts of the Earth, and not by the light of the Sun. You will do what feels right to you, not what the Universe expects you to do.

Ultimately, the Lunar Eclipse in Leo is your opportunity to heal your heart. This is your opportunity to transform pride into purpose, selfishness into generosity, and turn your creative fire into authentic self-expression.

It's the perfect time for a new beginning, setting intentions and letting your thoughts flow...

Here a little something I wrote and felt like sharing...


Live and breathe intention and mindfulness. There are many different paths to choose from every second of the day. It is easy to choose the easy path - and the consequences don’t become visible immediately but always eventually. That’s the trap. Choosing the easy path means - falling back into old patterns, giving into the ego, living out of habit rather than intention, reacting instead of acting, listening without hearing - it means choosing a darker path and “levelling down”. To choose the difficult path is difficult - but the more difficult the road, the more rewarding the outcome - it means choosing the path that results in the best possible outcome, even when it gets very tough and goes against the ego it means you choose light over darkness and therefore you “level up” - in the game that we call life. Life is tricky and we must stay focused on making the right choices to become the best version of ourselves and serve our higher purpose. 

Like the moon you are also shifting into the next phase

Remember, every moment is a choice and it determines the path. You are creating your history and writing the future with every passing moment. if your goal is - to strive for the highest possible path, grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in harmony to become the best version of yourself - all that matters is directing your focus every day towards making sure the moments that passes, you spend wisely and every choice you make is aligned with the person you want to become. Making mistakes is part of the process, accepting failure, taking responsibility for your actions, but more importantly practicing forgiveness. Only when you are able to forgive you can create harmony, peace and happiness. How are you going to forgive others if you can’t forgive yourself? The only way to grow is to to learn and to learn means to forgive, let go of everything that doesn’t serve you, adjust behaviour and move forward with the light. You are strong, capable and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight 

into my thoughts during the leo lunar moon eclipse.


I know it’s been a while since I last published a blogpost, but I made the decision to get “back in the game” and I plan on connecting with you guys a lot more this year. I will mainly share pictures via. @appics (If you aren’t on the test-net yet send me an e-mail: [email protected] and I will add you to the test-net!), but also get back to writing some blogposts, sharing my thoughts and journey. 

The year 2018 has been the year of travels for me, where I attended many conferences around the world to expand the @appics movement and I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. In the next few days, I am going to share some moments from my last trip through Latin America! 

Question OTD: What kind of content do you want me to post? topics? any series I should bring back? Leave a comment!

Thanks for the continued support and love you show. I appreciate you!

Much love,


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Hi beautiful woman long long time without read you eh, the eclipse was amazing too much beautiful and sparkly. Regards

I wish I could've seen it. It was at 5:15 AM for me

It was at 1am here in colombia but i had to see it :). Regards

Great shot! The Blood Moon was fabulous!

Thanks! Yes truly

Your welcome 😊👍

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The app looks really good. Are you guys totally dependent on SMT's or do you have a plan B? Because while I'd love it if SMT's were launched, I'd love it more if your app was off the testnet and you guys were pushing it to the mainstream.

Hi @midlet!

Our first choice for APPICS has always been to go with Steemit, we never planned for anything else. But now that Steemit postponed the SMT release time and time again, and only SMT-light without the upvoting-feature will be released in march, we have had no other choice but to look to other blockchain alternatives as well.

At this point no one in their right mind would blame you. Still have my fingers crossed something can work out with Steem though.

Nice to see you back posting here.

Great to see you after a very long :)

thanks for your support. I'll try to be more active now :)

Maybe you should start a small video blog series using the Appics video feature.

great idea, i'll give it some thought. Have you tried it?


Thanks for showing us this beautiful spot in Baranquilla! :)

nice curves

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