You will always be my sunshine!!!

As tempting as warmer locations can be, no place gives me more peace than my vacation home in the Norwegian mountains (you can see the view from it in my previous Appics post)

I know what you mean, mountains and beautiful nature in general can feel really good - no matter the weather. And it makes being home a cosy atmosphere

Do locations make the people or do the people make the locations? I think it is a balance of both. Great photo here mrs.steemit. Easy travel agency marketing material. My dream location is a world tour, I can't pick just one place!

Good question and I agree, it’s a balance of both. And that’s why I love Mauritius! The Island has the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen and the people are very friendly and welcoming, plus great Indian food! That’s always a plus ☺️

Sounds like a place I would love, and nothing competes with Indian food, hands down it holds a special place in my heart, I mean stomach, or both. Looking forward to more photos from this crypto hub island from you

Anywhere in the Caribbean. Have a great Week.😎

Good one! It’s definitely ok my travel bucket list 🙌🏽

I love where I am up here in the Mountains with all the snow in Beautiful British Columbia Canada, BUT A trip to Mauritius would definitely be my Winter destination to get away from it all! It looks like Paradise!

Looks absolutely stunning, wherever it is! Would definitely rather be there than rainy UK! 👎🏼🌧

It’s Mauritius 🇲🇺an island close to Madagascar. And same! I’m also in the cold this year, but for sure will visit this beautiful place again 🙏🏽

Absolutely stunning!! Caribbean is defo a winner!! 💜

The South-East corner of the Big Island of Hawai'i. In the shadow of the volcano. A little place called Kapoho.

My favourite place on earth used to be there. The volcano took it though. Nature giveth and nature taketh away.

Picture a natural salt water lagoon that is kept slightly above 27°C that only has a break wall between you and the Pacific Ocean. If you look around, it's all tropical paradise. If you look up, you see the volcano.



Now, I'll watch this thread to see if I can find another piece of heaven. :-)

Wow that sounds amazing! 😍 nature does its wonders. I definitely plan on visiting Hawaii 🌺🙏🏽

I would like to visit the Maldives. Never traveled out of my country but we have really cool locations for vacation.

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Come to Cancun Mexico 😉

Would LOVE to! For sure up there on the bucket list 🙌🏽 🇲🇽

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