Happy December! ❄️ Wishing you a successful last month of this year and decade 🙏🏽 ...

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... Instead of waiting for 2020, start the new year a month early and see what happens! leave negativity behind, be intentional about how you spend your time, invest in what fuels your energy, make decisions based on the person you want to become, be kind to yourself and others. I call this the „December Challenge“, where I challenge myself and you to start working on your New Years resolutions and turn them into habits, so that you have a reason to celebrate - a month from today and go into 2020 already crushing it! 💫 Who‘s with me? ⬇️ Comment below something you’re committed to doing/starting/improving on this month! Let’s go!💥 | Book is „Psycho Cybernetics“ by Maxwell Maltz. Very recommendable read on getting your mindest right! 🌟


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Great advice and wise words @mrs.steemit , I am starting right now and looking forward to an awesome year full of opportunities, happiness and joy!

Thanks, all the best to you! ❤️

You as well! And your very welcome 😀

Happy December from here too and happy new year in advance. We wish you the best in life. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration. Our new year resolution is being worked daily, we would love to make our academy standard and make the boys professional footballers through Steem.

Excellent idea 💡! I would like to be a better husband this year, and after that. Spend more time with my wife and to judge her less, be more kind and caring.

Love this! Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽☺️

I really need to learn how to conquer the confident side of myself. Still such a long way for me to go.

Yeap, I agree. We're already on our resolutions. Happy month of december.😊🙌

positive vibes all the way !

Hello Uma, I have been trying to get some insight and answers from various people at Appics without much success. I want to start using my APX tokens A.S.A.P (not exactly a small amount) purchased at ICO. The app is running for about a month with users having their tokens while the balance in my account shows 0. I do expect some communication and my APX tokens linked to my wallet A.S.A.P. As of now, not good, not at all!

Hi friend Tomas, I don't have much knowledge about that but I really want that problem to be solved, I hope you can dig deep and find the right person who can give you a favorable answer.

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