The Moment When One Sunflower 🌻 Brightens Your Day ....A Gift Of Passion!

in appics •  21 days ago  (edited)

... Just a few days ago I went back home from the hospital, the most depressing spot on earth for somebody like me.

This simple and symbolic flower present was waiting from a new friend who became my “family”. Thank You Habibi!

It’s “ALL” behind me now after a 2 years struggle and not knowing if I will be able to save my boob or not.

I had no idea how much of an emotional mess I actually was, subconsciously but now I am healing! I am so thankful!

I am planning to write Part2 of my experience soon.....just no mood yet to do so.

This quote reminds me how precious life is!

Lady Lady by Masago

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One of the most beautiful things I've read lately.. thanks for this! Love..

You are so kind ! Thank you!

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At least the boobs are save now,no more thoughts about boobs problem. Just expect peace after the healing.

Yes yes and 10000x more yes!!! Nice to see you again 🌻

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All thanks to you, you are the reason why I'm back online

Did it really help to get a phone ?? So so happy

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Yea it did

Gute Besserung, ich denke, das Schwierigste ist, unter die Messer zu gehen. Ich hoffe, alles ist in Ordnung, und Sie fühlen sich jetzt besser.Das Leben ist der einzige Wert, den wir haben und den wir schätzen sollten.

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So lieb von Dir! Fühle mich noch sehr schwach aber alles ok. Live life to the max!!!! Right? Wir haben nur Eines! 😉

Surgery? My! I'm glad you're definitely better really. How are you doing?

No! I don't know what #pinkoctober stands for

Goodness! I just went through the Post, I didn't really realise this, I'm thoroughly sorry.

Don’t be sorry! I am so blessed and damn lucky that the beast was discovered in divine time. I am a fighter and my vibrant lifestyle kept me sane and also helped healing but oh boy! What an aboriginal journey it is ....still! 💜 Thank you for caring

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Wow Nice photography.

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It is just they do not always face the sun and look kind of sad (dead) within a few weeks on the fields outside here. You better stay yourself. 💕

Gute Besserung. Resteemed :-)

So lieb von Dir zu hören. Es ist nun alles vorbei ....2 Jahre Ungewissenheit wie es enden wird.

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Get well soon

Terimakasie Darling!! 💕

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Bless you. Glad to have you back. Hope all went well 💐🙏🤗 keep smiling and shining 🥰🤗big hug

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Yes! Now I have a good reason to keep on shining again 😊 thanks so much for your kind words for me

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Health and happiness always 🙏🤗💐

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i hope all is good :)

Slowly I get better

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Beautiful. Hoping your surgery went well.

Yes yes yes !!! I am blessed and soon I am back with full power

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