Kgcoin token's available on steem engine Hello everyone here's some art work for ...

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... token called kgcoin it's available to purchase on steem engine big thanks to everyone who has purchased and staked my tokens I really appreciate also remember to stake at least 100 kgcoin token's to receive a daily upvote on one post @kgcoin you will be upvoted automatically by @kgcoin
Stake 100 kgcoins for a 1% upvote also if stake my coins feel free to use my hashtag #kgcoin for a chance to be upvoted by me @kgakakillerg

First 10 people to resteem this post will get 0.5 kgcoin token sent to there steem engine wallet
Also if you buy over 100 coins today I will give you some free just make sure you take a screenshot of your purchase thanks again for all the support all steem made from sales Will be used to powerup and buy delegation for @kgcoin I'm also using my own steem to buy steempower delegation to make sure the steempower builds quicker


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