1st. Appics Crypto Payout of APX After 7 days Claimed Today! GO APPICS!!💰

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I created this collage in celebration of Appics awesome first week using their new updated App! It was awesome to see my first payout of 37.22 APX That I Claimed Today in my Steem-Engine Wallet! Looking forward to many more payouts in crypto to come!! GO APPICS!!



I just added another 90.27 That I just Claimed for the Second time today in my Steem-Engine Wallet!! Woot, Go Team Appics!!


"Collage Created By Me @karenmckersie At my Homestead in Beautiful British Columbia Canada, On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"

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Yeah, me too! Feels awesome 👏, congratulations 🎉!

Thanks! Same to you, its been a long wait, and only going to get better!!👍❤🙏

For some reason I have 90.00 APX In my Steem Engine rewards but I have been trying to Claim it all night but its not working, and wont transfer over to the side for me to Stake it!?

Having the same issue claiming APX rewards through Steem Engine. Contacted Steem Engine support. They say that it is a Resource Credit issue and appics-pool account needs more Steem Power to be able to distribute tokens. Please help oR comment APPICS support team @agent @soldier @felixsander @mrs.steemit

Is it necessary to claim the APX tokens from the steem engine.. or they will be transferred to our account automatically after a certain period of time? I see that my total APPICS amount has increased in the past 2 days.. but i haven't claimed any as such!

They did have a slight issue with resource credits, but now it is fixed and tokens are getting distributed well

Okay 👍🏻

Awesome thanks, just waking up!👍👍👍

The new APPICS makes posting photo a more worthwhile experience.

Yes for sure, its easy peasy from my Cell Phone, especially when im on the go!! Also checking out and upvoting other postings is a great way to connect with like minded people!👍😍💯

I like this and I really enjoy this App.😊

Thanks! Yes me too! Its only going to get better!!

Oh! Ok , im sure they will fix it soon maybe @sirwinchester can see about adding more to the Appics pool- account as we are having issues trying to claim our rewards on Steem Engine seeing as its a Resource Credit problem. Im off to sleep but hopefully its fixed when i wake up! Thanks @yuriks2000 , good night!

..congrats!..I’m still looking for my apx....where are you?..put put put..come to papa...

There was issues with the resource credits on Steem-Engine yesterday but I hear it was fixed, im on my way to see if I claim my APX Tokens now!👍👍👍

..yes, of course you te right to do..at the end it’s not a case to hurry up..if everything is documented somewhere, no problem..and surely I, and guess almost everybody, likes seeing growing her/his wallet...even if it’s about 0,0000sthg Cent..we will See ...

Is that why post payout on APPICS vs Steemit are so drastically different?

I think so!👍