Embarking on a 1 Year Drawing Challenge!! (1/365) | Alice

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This is a simple drawing of a little girl. I tried to emulate one of the artists whom I followed on Instagram, who drew Alice in Wonderland. What are your thoughts? ❤️

The artist who inspired this drawing


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I never could draw very well, but this drawing shows that you have the talent. I'd explore drawing more if I were you!

@free-reign ((': it means alot to me, your encouragement. Thank you 🌻🌻

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Thanks @c-squared! (:

Very nice. Sometimes less is more.

Indeed! ✨

Nice. I have no talent for drawing and I already tried lol. I'd love to see you do the White Rabbit.

Hahah ohh okay @watersnake101, I might do so soon! 😊😊

That's really good!

Thanks @felt.buzz!!

It is a very beautiful drawing conveys the innocence of childhood, I identify a lot because I have a three-year-old daughter who lives making me drawings thanks for sharing ..

@mariluna you're welcome, thank you for your kind words ((:

I like it! And what is the name of the artist on Instagram?

Thank you!!

Looks good to me! You shoudl put a link to the artist that you tried to emulate!

Thanks @bengy for the advice, I have put it in the post and the comments ((: 🌷

I think you did a fine job on this drawing @joeylim keep them coming. 👍👍

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A one-year drawing challenge will be so stimulating Joey. Your lines are quite fluid and already you are working with soft and heavier lines. I hope you'll be able to keep drawing. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎