MISS YOU | and the great times we had. Welcoming the day, enjoying beautiful views ...

in #appics3 years ago

... and having fun together. Looking forward getting back to these times.
I miss you Peagon1.


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I miss my Mavic Air as well.

ESC Error after crash

hey, i crashed mine as well several times and fixed my ESC error myself. its not a biggy and not at all expensive. if you want we can schedule a call and ill explain you. greetings from Barcelona

Cool, that help is highly welcome. Are you on discord?

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I've been thinking about a drone for a long time... Do you think "dji mavic mini" is the right choice for me considering that I'm a beginner?

Hey bro, honestly I would like to take you the fear of being an beginner. Because same feeling and reason I had 3 years ago buying this little one here. the thing is, DJI software is so good, it basically flies by itself. really not many skills needed. If you start easy and smartly with some precocious planning where you fly, you can go bigger then the mini. But on the other hand, the mini has one great feature. with 249g it is light enough to fit into flight restriction FAA and so on. What I can read the facts are solid as well. however, speed and range is important for me so I would always recommend the bigger brothers of the Mavic.

Cool info thanks!

Nice !! I got mavic 2 but spark is better ??

No, wouldn't say so. Bought the spark back in the days when it was the smallest of DJI because i wanted to have it in a size for every backpack. however, the performance lacks imo. its not fast enough and the range is very limited. so afterall I woukd always go with one of the mavic series. but its fun flying anyway👏🏻good to know you're pilot too👊🏼

Thx for the feedback

👋 What model of drone do you use?

👋🏻hey bro. that's the Spark.

Did it run away from you ?

I wish it would fly away from me again😄 I miss flying it so much, usually I was going out to fly at least every second week, if not more. but nowadays she is just sitting next to me in the office. no chance to fly it here in the city. have a great day my friend

Hahah nice one xD

Oh yes! I loved your awesome Drone footage! Hopefully you can fly it again soon my friend 😉

thank you Karen, have a great day

Man DJI drones are one of the best really!

💯...hard to compete with them. and the prices are getting more and more affordable so more and more peeps can get the feeling✌🏻have a good one Josh👊🏼

You have to fly it from your window balcony eheh

Hermosa nave!

Cool.Check out my drone shots 🙌👍 if you like drone photography

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