~ATTENTION~ A Food Flingin’ Friendly Reminder to get over and place your vote for ...

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... your People’s Choice Champion for Round 66/67. This Food Flingin’ madness has been going on for 67 weeks and this time we have a total of 21 Steem Basic Income shares up for grabs this week. 12 SBI for 1st Place ~ 6 SBI for 2nd Place ~ and 3 SBI for 3rd Place. what are you waiting for?!?!? Get over here ( https://steempeak.com/fff/@foodfightfriday/food-fight-friday-round-66-and-67-10-25-19-and-11-01-19 ) and vote for your favorite Food Flingin’ Food Related post. Now if you are new to this Food Flingin’ frenzy let me give you a quick run down.... Post anything food related on Friday and tag it FFF. Yes that is right, ANYTHING, food related not just recipes. Be creative and come join the Food Flingin’ Fun.


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@jlsplatts is so cccoooooolll I had to use three C’s, six O’s and three L’s to spell cool and I’m still about a vowel and two constants shy of his full potential.


You misspelled that, it should be C-R-A-Z-Y or some refer to it as 51/50 where depending on who you talk to I should probably be in a padded room in a straight jacket. Dahahahaha

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F F F hahahaha🤣