Even though we love eating out, the missus also happens to be an awesome cook. And ...

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... tonight was no exception. Home cooked cheese burgers with roast potatoes. One of her specialities. Out of those four meat patties, only one is left. That should say it all really... :)


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Hi Ezzy, how are you doing? Really delicious bread. Enjoying dinner at home is also fun if we enjoy with family. It looks like your bread is as delicious as bread in a restaurant. Have a nice day, sir.

Thanks. Have a nice day. :)

I love to make my burgers like I like to make my meatballs minus the Italian herbs. It makes for a very flavorful and tender patty. How does your missus prepare them?

Sounds great! The wife adds a combination of herbs and spices to it, though I couldn't tell you what they are. I just know the end result is awesome, lol. :)

I am just imagining how this will taste like. Will be delicious

Was amazing. Bless the wife for that. :)

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