My friends and I call this the walk of shame. Once in a while you have to bring the ...

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... empty bottles of the best beverage in the world back to the supermarket for recycling. It’s about 5-6 euro per crate so it’s worth the effort. It’s a noisy affair though. The other customers rudely disturbed by the clinging sounds of 96 bottles shaking in the wagon while you make your way to the recycling machine...underway you smile and say you had a party but deep in your heart you know it was mostly you. The other men staring know it too...they all been there. With the voucher they give you for all the bottles you go deeper inside the store and buy a fresh crate. The cycle begins again, you will be here again in 2 months, but by now you don’t care because the worst is over and life is awesome and it’s friday :) Have a good weekend everyone!


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Here in Alberta Ca we have a much better solution.
We put our bottles in a box or bag and take them to specialized stores called Bottle Depot. We throw them into the sorting area and admire the speed and skills of sorting staff while they count the bottles.
And I always have a feeling, the more bags and boxes I bring in more other customers watch me with respect, hehe.

Man, I wish they looked at me with respect, lol! They should with 4 crates!

I remember fondly this walk of shame, from back when I lived in Amsterdam for a summer. Just get some more beer and buy some aged gouda on the way back home. Delicious!

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Haha!!I know this walk well.

The cycle begins again

and a viciously delicious cycle it is!

Hehe its still a party if youre having fun!!

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Haha, Been There Done That Mant times!!

But who drank them!

Didn't they refill them for you at no charge. If not, how inconsiderate!

cheers to beer have a fantastic weekend

Mary Jane is healthier
Vapor- no smoke ;) Mr. Rotterdam :)

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If you like beer so much, try
bavarian "Augustiner"...
The Green One or the "Augustiner Edelstoff" ;)

nuffin but the truth....

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Great man it's good and better the recycling then cans that you throw away and get drunk now and then is good for your soul and bloodstream and everything. It works harder after that okok too much being drunk isn't good but eating too much Apple's or loving someone too much isn't good either. 😇😉😋

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Yep, we all know it! When I was living in a student house, we threw a party twice a year that was solely funded by empty crates we've accumulated over the months... This included several car rides to the supermarket to bring back the empties. At some point, the supermarket manager got pissed at us ^^ Great times...