Self quarantine has motivated me to get fit! This is the 8th day of social distancing ...

in #appics4 years ago

... and I have worked out seven out of 8 . Something every day...what are you doing these days ? #nocoronavirus😷 #stayhomebutstayactive #stayhealthy #staystrong


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Hey Eve, good to see an update from you :) Hope you are guys safe and healthy. I have been working out a lot too, one of the few things we can do these days...

I don´t know if you know but a lot has just happened on Steem and actually, most of the community is not on Steem anymore. There was a hard fork and we moved to a new chain called Hive. As heartbreaking as it sounds to many of us, Steem is dead.

Keep up the good work 💪

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