STAYHOME BAKING DAY | ALMOND-CLEMENTINE 🍰 100g sugar 100g Butter 1 Spoon of ...

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... vanilla sugar
2 Eggs
100 g yogurt Nature
2 bio Clementine
250 g flour
2 Spoons baking soda
2 Spoon of crashed almonds

Pre-hit the Oven at 170celcius
Mix the butter, Sugar & the vanilla sugar together adding slowing the eggs down until you get foaming mass .
Add the Clementine zest, his juice with the yogurt to the mass & mix slowly.
Add flour, backing soda and mix
Now add the almond
Put the mass in the backing pot and back it tat
Celcius 40 min long

......Et Voila !!


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It’s more than delicious 😋 😋😋😋

You need to try it home! The recipe is down below the pic ✨✨👌🏿

Are we eating now

Yes we do :)!

Wow, se ve delicioso. Yummi

arriba es la receta que puedes probar en casa😋😋😋

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