Cheers to You Mom! Today I went to “the home” to go visit mom. With her dementia, ...

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... I never know what kind of day this lovely disease will deliver. Somedays she is happy, laughing, and genuinely excited for visitors. Others, she will be in a deep fog, a bit spacey, and/or frustrated. Today was one of the latter. She kept repeating that Bobby was dead. The “Bobby” she is referring to is her dad...and he’s fine. He was with her earlier and would be heading back to see her a few hours after we left. But there was no explaining this to her. She was agitated and in a far off land. One that we weren’t invited to...nor one that I’d want to visit if I’m being honest. It’s a shit thing that I’ve weirdly gotten used to and kind of matter how much I want to break down and scream at the world for being brutal and cruel. So instead, tonight I’ll think of when we raised these glasses in celebration several years back. Happy and unaware of the difficult road ahead. Just living and loving that moment. Here’s to you mom. I wish that you knew just how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to every sacrifice you made for me. I hope that’s still inside of you somewhere. Love you mama. ❤️


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It doesn't seem right to just vote without saying anything, but I'm not sure what there is to be said. It's a nice memory that you have. That's a good one to hold onto.

Thank you. Yeah it’s a weird thing to watch unfold. I can’t quite describe it beside brutal.

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I am sorry to hear of your mother's condition as I live with my grandmother having it for 7 years. It was rough but a smart person told me the best information. Basically while others were not there and didn't have to deal with the hardships our family got my grandmother the longest prior to her passing. All the time she gave to us we were simply giving to her and even though she may not have always known she was still my grandmother and had every part of my heart. That's a blessing I would never trade for anything. Be well.

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That’s actually lovely to hear. Thanks for sharing that. It’s definitely a learning experience. I’m learning a lot not only about this illness but how I’ve learned to deal with some adversities.

I think the weirdest thing is accepting that...this is mom now. This is how it is. Ya know?

Beautiful story. Sorry you had to go through that regardless. Much love.

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Not a problem at all. Sometimes its hard to feel like you are not alone but you are not and you being there no matter the condition is what's so important.
Accepting it and remembering all the love shared. Be well my friend

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Your mama is so beautiful. I am sure she knows how loved she is and what a great “kid” you are, even if her outsides don’t show this anymore. I can’t imagine how tough this is. Hugs to you.

Thx my dear. Looking at pics or video from just several years back is tough. Seeing what once was and where it’s currently at is a strange story to follow.

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As hard as it is to see our family this way, she shared many moment with us and made a lot of memories, even though she cannot communicate it, she knows how much we all care. All we can do is make sure she is comfortable and give her company. As hard as it is, stay strong brotha!

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Thx Brother. I know. Some days I accept it and others I dwell. It’s a weird battle between those feelings.

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Your pops is a trooper! Dementia is hardest on the family.

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Yeah he’s been an absolute rockstar. I aspire to have his level of heart and commitment.

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This is a serious topic and I know it's agonizing, so I'll try to add some humor that you look a lot less creepy with hair.

That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me on the chain.

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