#StayHome Challenge 1st Month - 3rd Place Winner 🥉 @offgridlife

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The first month of our #stayhome challenge is over!

We asked you to get creative in quarantine and show us a fun activity you are doing during this time, and post it on APPICS with the hashtag #stayhome. 📱
This challenge will run as long as the lockdown lasts in the majority of countries, so join us NOW for the 2nd month to earn some APX prizes! 💰
Not only will the top 3 entries get APX tokens every month, but we also specifically curate posts with the #stayhome hashtag.

The 🥉 3rd place for this months winners goes to OFFGRIDLIFE for his painting time lapse of the puppy Piper! 🐶

🎉 Congratulations, you win 500 APX tokens ❗️

Join us for the next month of the challenge and show is what you’ve got!
Life in quarantine doesn’t have to be boring - we can make it fun as long as we get creative 🎨🎭🎤🎮


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Oh wow.... Thanks so much. That is wonderful. Loving this challenge and the APPICS platform.....
I have a few more good ones to share. Stay tuned for more !

Here is the post in case you missed it .... https://steemit.com/appics/@offgridlife/appics-v1-appics-im-144483

Thanks again .... I have a question though .... where do I get the 500 APX ? I don’t see them anywhere ? Do I need to go retrieve them somewhere ? Steem-engine ? @appics

Thanks .... received it in my Steem-Engine .... powering it up,

Congrats to the winner and thank you @appics

Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊🍾

Off grid yea!!!! Good deal. He has good content. Happy for you bro 👊 congrats.

Oh wow! Congratulations my friend @offgridlife. Yes definitely learning how to draw and paint like that is a worthwhile activity during this lockdown/quarantine. Keep it up man! You deserved it. Thank you @appics for this super awesome challenge! Will let this good news be seen by our fellowmen.

Amazing. Congrats to the winner :)

Cool challenge! Congrats to all those who won prices. But definitely also congrats to all those participating! I may join as well! :)

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