Support Initiative for Newcomers on APPICS | Newcomer-Europe Account 🌎

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This week, we introduced our newcomer support initiative to specifically upvote peoples first posts on APPICS 📱

We have setup one account for each continent 🌎 and equipped it with 1,000,000 APX delegation so that they have a large voting weight and make a difference when upvoting newcomers first posts! 💰

5,000,000 APX tokens in total are now allocated specifically for our newcomer support program!

➡️ In this post we are introducing the @newcomer-northam Account for the North American continent 🌍 which will be managed by some of our most active ambassadors in that region - @gringalicious, @krazypoet and @karenmckersie!

Go ahead and follow the @newcomer-northam account to make sure you will receive upvotes from them! ✅

This was the last post about our newcomer delegation accounts for now. But keep in mind that each of these accounts will not only vote for new users from their specific region, but the other accounts will support them too. 💪

Also, we can always add to the newcomer delegation program with more accounts and/or more delegation when the user base grows in the future! 📈

Once again thank you to our ambassadors for curating with these accounts and we are looking forward to give many more new users a warm welcome on APPICS! 🤝


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I'm so happy to have been chosen as an Ambassador for this new newcomer-northam account and will do my best to curate on a daily basis! How exactly do I go to that account to upvote from it!? Will I be receiving a link for that!? Thanks again, this is one of my best days ever! Go Team Appics @appics!!👍😍 Upped💯 and resteemed on Steemit!🎉🎊

Hey Karen! We are happy to have you on board! I will send you more details via email tomorrow 👍 (it’s late now in Europe)

Awesome thank you so much @agent , that's what I thought ! I just put up an awesome post about it with a poster I made if you get a chance later to check it out, thanks and sweet dreams!!

You deserve it Karen! Congrats

Awe, thank you so much, your support is greatly appreciated!


➡️ follow the newcomer-northam Account here! ✅

Really great 👌👌

Love you APPICS

Thank you guys this will be good and a great initiative to inspire new ones to get started. Happy to be apart of the team, and will always do my best to get this journey going for all of us in a fair reasonable manner . Be well - Lets Do This!

Let’s see them coming

Congrats to all 3 chosen...they gonna do it perfectly and welcome the new comers as it should be for sure. Go go team Appics!!!


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