☝#AntiGravity Part 2: Eric Laithwaite Lifts a 40 lb Gyro Wheel Like a Feather!

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In #AntiGravity Part 2, I have uploaded the famous experiment by Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering at Imperial College in 1983 in which he literally lifts and twirls a very heavy 40 lb spinning wheel as if it were an extremely lightweight feather, and with just ONE HAND! This is quite the remarkable experiment and which has to this day been overlooked and blatantly covered up by the mainstream “science” establishment and even large “science” YouTube Channels such as Vsauce and Veritasium. Eric Laithwaite was in his 60s during this gravity (and reality) defying experiment and has been fighting against the Academic Establishment Industrial Complex for his whole career to have them wake up to the fact that outdated “Laws” of Physics need some updating regarding objects in rotation such as spinning wheels and gyroscopes which behave as if their mass is “displaced”.

In this experiment, Eric shows that when the wheel is not spinning, it is very to difficult lift, especially for an elderly man such as himself. But when he gets the wheel spinning to about 2,500 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) using just a normal Household Drill, he then can literally toss it around effortlessly over his head and then catch it also effortlessly. Eric describes how all he does is “guide” the gyro wheel (somehow) in the direction the wheel has already “decided” to go (i.e. in the direction of its “precession”), and then the wheel moves in that direction but with NO CENTRIPETAL FORCE! He can also catch it effortless because it has NO ANGULAR MOMENTUM! This is LITERALLY magic…. Or just HIDDEN PHYSICS!

The original upload can be viewed at the Imperial College’s Official YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/JRPC7a_AcQo

This is one of the most important videos in the entire world because it not only shows that objects in rotation behave much lighter than they are, but that the mass media and ”science” establishment have been able to coverup such a monumental and easily reproduced phenomenon for so many years. It is time we all wake up and start experimenting ourselves to develop the #AntiGravity and #FreeEnergy technologies that have been covered up for so long! So take all of mainstream “science” for a grain of salt and get yourselves some gravity-defying gyroscopes!!

Stay Tuned for #AntiGravity Part 3…

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That was pretty interesting...a gyro ...it's all in balance and force in one particularly direction....so cause it's a circle(wheel) and pole...it chooses it's own direction...interesting science ...looks like magic


interesting. very cool. thanks for sharing👍👍

A good information indeed..Last week I was reading Stephen Hawking's 'A brief history of time' to understand these things..A lot to learn!