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RE: Warning!: OpenLedger is a Scam. Take All Your Funds Out As Soon As Possible.

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When I kept pointing out that it's not a decentralized exchange years ago, I was accused of spreading fud. This was one of the reasons that made me leave the BTS community.
Sometimes reality takes a while to kick in...


you must be able to distinguish between the BitShares community and private business using the BitShares blockchain. I have used BitShares myself for years without problems, but in most cases I only use reference wallet and native tokens. I stopped using Open Ledger when two consecutive withdrawals were delayed and I had to create a support ticket. I have the least problems with the RuDEX gateway, so far 100% payouts are instant and offer the lowest fees

Well, since you bring that up, the post was just edited to reflect that according to their website:
and according to the bitshares site: the company is part of the BitShares Committee.

OL was one of the first businesses based on BitShares. The community's trust has been seriously damaged. As you know, you have to work long for your reputation, and you can lose it very quickly.

It wasn't openledger people accusing me of fud though.

Right-O, Pharesim. There are other centralized platforms in existence that concern me as well--some very popular platforms that many have invested in that could disappear at the whim of specific individuals. @steemhousepub executives made the decision early on to avoid to avoid affiliation with any platform, exchange, or project that is not open source and decentralized, not only to protect our investments but to maintain a standard of credibility that would be lost if this type of event happens with an accessory of the Steem blockchain. This decision has resulted in the delay of a token offering by Steemhouse but oh well. Better late than empty-handed, or worse, guilty by association.

Truth always hurts and people will attack you from telling the truth but you should not be afraid of telling people what you believe its wrong.

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