Warning!: OpenLedger is a Scam. Take All Your Funds Out As Soon As Possible.

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Greetings Steemians,

It's recently come to my attention that Openledger has locked up nearly 900,000 Steem and nearly 178,000 SBD.

The announcement that Steem and SBD would no longer be transferable in or out dropped on August 06, 2019 from Openledger.

Per their response to @kingscrown (who is being impacted by this) Here is what they had to say:

STEEM/SBD gateway was disabled on our trading platform following the announcement made on August 06, 2019. Withdrawals of this coin are no longer available and all remaining ​STEEM/SBD balances of OpenLedger DEX users have been archived.
We dump underperforming coins to better serve our customers and ensure the fastest possible speed of transactions. We fully stop supporting such coins in the pre-announced time.
We understand your discontent, but we cannot assist you with this issue. We will be happy to assist you with any other issues you may have.

Here is an embedded link to @kingscrown's post outlining the comprehensive details.

@abit Also dropped a post in regards to this, and as can be viewed in the comments, this has also impacted the Scorum community as talked about by @tuck-fheman.

@blocktrades is advising users in the comments to remove any assets that you are able to remove. There is enough evidence to suggest this is a flat out scam. They have no right to hold peoples assets and claim that there is nothing they can do.


Their Steem Wallet: openledger-dex has been emptied to Binance and Bittrex.

Please remove your funds immediately if you have any that Openledger is allowing for removal.

Also, these people engage in ID Deception/Fraud:


Source of the ID Deception/Fraud in one of their companies' team profile page:

OpenLedger's Founder & CEO is Ronny Boesing (@bloggersclub)


According to their website the company is part of the BitShares Committee

And in fact the BitShares website confirms this information.

This is a copy with minor changes of this post:
https://steempeak.com/steempeak/@futuremind/alert-openledger-has-locked-up-steem-and-sbd by @futuremind


This is Jaguar Force,
Reporting directly from the Jungle.


Hi @jaguar.force I have actually dropped a comment on all the posts that you mentioned and I thought that I would drop it here too.

My experience with OL has been horrible too. They really are scammers! In Aug they also issued a two week notice for not supporting AGRS Tokens. The notice period was so short and they didn't even bother to really get the message out there. I got the same exact message too when I sent in a support ticket. They cut and paste for everyone the same message.

So everyone started sending support tickets in and the TauChain Agoras people also keep going back to them to ask for withdrawal for token holders. Finally they responded that they cod assist to manually withdraw but first you got to send your tokens to them and then they will process it and send it to you... Minus a 10% fee on your total number of tokens! They really are the scum of the earth. People should really make it known not to use OL!


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When I kept pointing out that it's not a decentralized exchange years ago, I was accused of spreading fud. This was one of the reasons that made me leave the BTS community.
Sometimes reality takes a while to kick in...

you must be able to distinguish between the BitShares community and private business using the BitShares blockchain. I have used BitShares myself for years without problems, but in most cases I only use reference wallet and native tokens. I stopped using Open Ledger when two consecutive withdrawals were delayed and I had to create a support ticket. I have the least problems with the RuDEX gateway, so far 100% payouts are instant and offer the lowest fees

Well, since you bring that up, the post was just edited to reflect that according to their website: https://openledger.info/about-us/partnership/
and according to the bitshares site: https://wallet.bitshares.org/#/explorer/committee-members the company is part of the BitShares Committee.

OL was one of the first businesses based on BitShares. The community's trust has been seriously damaged. As you know, you have to work long for your reputation, and you can lose it very quickly.

It wasn't openledger people accusing me of fud though.

Right-O, Pharesim. There are other centralized platforms in existence that concern me as well--some very popular platforms that many have invested in that could disappear at the whim of specific individuals. @steemhousepub executives made the decision early on to avoid to avoid affiliation with any platform, exchange, or project that is not open source and decentralized, not only to protect our investments but to maintain a standard of credibility that would be lost if this type of event happens with an accessory of the Steem blockchain. This decision has resulted in the delay of a token offering by Steemhouse but oh well. Better late than empty-handed, or worse, guilty by association.

Truth always hurts and people will attack you from telling the truth but you should not be afraid of telling people what you believe its wrong.

There is a group of people who work all the time behind the shadows: the cleaners. The reality is that many people hate them, but they can't understand the need for their work to exist. This publication is proof of that need to exist. Without them these abuses would be overlooked and, even worse, would damage what many of us are trying to build. Honor to whom honor is due. Thank you for warning...!

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Got to Resteem this so everyone including me take out all of their coins from OpenLedger. Thank you @jaguar.force and @futuremind

....yeah lets not talk about the underlying issue why:

"We dump underperforming coins to better serve our customers and ensure the fastest possible speed of transactions."

Stealing that photo is bold.

I hope y'all get your crypto back.

In the precious metals community, long ago we learned that "if you don't hold it, you don't own it". The same is true for cryptocurrencies.

I once sent 45 SBD from openledger to bittrex but they never arrived. I contacted support but they just kept giving me lame reasons.
That's when I bid farewell to openledger.
At that point of time, SBD was over $4.

Another scammers that still operate? Fuck them all.

Follows summary of the day:

Appreciate your effort on telling us the truth.

No, it's not true. He just wrote it for fun and to give upvotes to people who write meaningless comments with that specific aim in mind.

Haha. Savage

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With this and Atlas exit scam we've definitely had a interesting week huh

Thanks for sharing the info, jaguar.force!

It hurts to see honest investors get scammed out of their money.

I've seen it too many times, and some of my investor friends have lost much of their savings to scams like this.

One of the first things that I recommend doing to survey whether an investment is a scam, or not; is to check out if the investment team, or company directors are real people.

If you saved their profile image, run it through a reverse image search (e.g. TinEYE), and then see that it comes from a generic site (e.g image hosting, or career posting sites)...

Then that's a BIG RED FLAG!

At that point, you should just run away.

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Thanks for the warning

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Openledger should better be called closedledger
Soon we gonna publish more scam evidence related to them

They did this with open.Eos for a while but they got it back up and running after a few days so hopefully we'll see something similar. That said, they took all of our airdrops, the fees are sometimes insane (I've been charged 10%) and they are generally just toxic to the governance of Bitshares. I've been saying we need to vote them out for a long time.

Thanks for sharing

I think it is time for crypto police... We need an authority that keeps things like this in order and guidelines should be created for reviews etc.

Yes! A central crypt authority to set and enforce rules!

yeah, I stopped using bitshares a good while ago because of the sketchball behavior surrounding these securitized tokens, and I know I'm not alone.

Thank you for this piece of information. It is so key and a goldmine. Cheers!

Why not sent an email to the SEC they will be very happy to prosecute another Crypto Scam Exchange! Good luck everybody!

Another bad news for crypto communities...but nothing new...it happens almost every day something

Thanks for informing us

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This serves well every idiot out there playing decentraland and reliying in central authorities...

The blockchains are meant to remove the financial middle man, yet stupid users insist in using opportunistic middle mans instead of embrace decentralization.

Dear users of OpenLedger.io platform, traders and crypto-enthusiasts,

In response to requests regarding STEEM and SBD coins delisting and their gateways closure that took place in August 2019, we would like to inform you about the following.

The main function of our trade platform is to provide our customers with high-class service of assets exchange options. As in any other commercial organization, one of the business goals of OpenLedger.io is receipt of profit. Based on the results of the technical and economic audit of gateways performance in the present year, the platform management have decided to shut down six gateways and to stop support of several assets in August 2019. STEEM and SBD were included into the list of gateways and assets planned for disabling.

The announcement about the shutdown of support of these assets was published 6 August, 2019. To inform as many people as possible and to give our customers sufficient time for the specified assets withdrawal, the announcement was published on all our official channels of communication. Our official channels of communication include Telegram, Twitter, Discord, News block on the trade platform OpenLedger.io, Reddit and our news Blog. Asset users were granted 14 days to withdraw the specified assets.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the procedure of gateways closure and assets support disabling was carried out in full compliance with applicable legislation and Terms of Service, namely paragraph 6 of Terms of Service by OpenLedger:

"OpenLedger may at any time, with or without prior notice to users, remove any Asset from display or accessibility through its Platform for any business or regulatory reason that it may deem appropriate."

Actions, such as gateway shutdown or asset support disabling, are commonly used and are often practiced by decentralized and centralized trading platforms. After full stop of a gateway support, trading platforms do not allow withdrawal of removed coins if such a request is made outside of the time officially given for withdrawal.

Being a customer-centered company, OpenLedger puts its clients interests first, solving all requests individually with each customer contacting Customer Service, and does its best to act in full respect of customer needs and values.

Best regards,
OpenLedger Team

Welp, I am just glad I never used your services. How much Steem/SBD did you all at openledger.io get away with???

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Haha, token downvote for being over-rewarded!

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