[Updates] AnonSteem Reduced Prices + Account Recovery - Detailed instructions have been added to the site

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A small update for those who use AnonSteem but are not aware that their accounts can be recovered, or how to recover them.

Prices reduced

Due to another surge in crypto prices, we have adjusted the LTC and BTC prices to a more reasonable rate. Previously paying via BTC or LTC would cost you almost $50, and now it only costs around $20.

Current USD Prices as of 3rd of March 2018 (subject to change over time):

  • STEEM - $15 per account
  • LTC - $20 per account
  • BTC - $27 per account

Why does it cost more to pay via LTC or BTC? - This is due to transaction fees. As we handle our own payments without a third party, we have to pay large transaction fees to move money out of the hot wallet, on average this can cost us $5-10 per 50 transactions made in LTC, and up to $100 or worse per 50 BTC transactions. This means that we need to apply a surcharge on those types of payments to avoid losing money from transaction fees.

Why does it cost more than the standard creation fee of 3 STEEM? - As with any business, AnonSteem requires profit to cover things such as the server and domain costs, development costs, as well as the time taken to deal with support emails such as lost orders, payment problems, or account recovery requests.

Are there any special deals for bulk account creation? - We offer bulk discounts when ordering 10 or more accounts. Please contact us using the email at the bottom of the website. We reserve the right to refuse bulk discounts if we suspect that the accounts will be used for a malicious purpose.

What is AnonSteem?

AnonSteem is a service which allows you to purchase an account to use on the Steem network (e.g. Steemit, Busy, DTube). Unlike the Steemit website, it does not require a phone number, and accounts are created within minutes of receiving the payment.

AnonSteem is one of the most popular and well trusted account creation services on Steem, responsible for over 4000 accounts on the network. Check out one of our previous guides + FAQ if you're not sure how to use it, or want to learn more about the service.

I lost my password

If you lost your password to your account, we may be able to help you if it was changed recently (within the past 30 days) as long as you have at least ONE PREVIOUS PASSWORD. If you do not have a previous password, we cannot help you.

My account was hacked

If your @anonsteem account is compromised (due to phishing, an infection on your computer, etc.), it is possible to recover your account by contacting us.

We'd like to advise people that you cannot use the standard steemit account recovery page, you must contact AnonSteem directly.

We've placed a link to Stolen Account Recovery on the bottom of the AnonSteem website, or you can get to it by clicking here. The page contains detailed instructions on how to request for your account to be recovered, and the details that you need to provide to help us out

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This is amazing news, I've used you guys so many times to help friends create accounts and I was always telling them "Now if your account is compromised with ANON your fucked" Now I can breath a little easier now. Thanks for your service!

We use the common sense approach :)

If you post photos all day of your face, then it's clear if you take a photo of yourself with a timestamped paper that you're the same person who owns the account.

As per our recovery page, it doesn't even have to be a photo of yourself, we've done recovery requests in the past where people have verified their accounts using their pets, or unique objects around their house.

A verification photo showing your account name, "anonsteem", and the current date on a piece of paper. The photo must be of something clearly visible on your account blog - send us the link to the post showing the previous photo/video, this could be a photo of yourself, a pet, or of a unique object in your house which you have shown on your blog.

This is amazing and conforting to know that you guys are looking for all steemians.

Hello @someguy123

This is innovative; This is impressive initiative. Kudos to you and your team.

Honestly, this service — that of account recovery — would have saved the account of my friend who lost her account, @adore-eu with over 125 liquid SBD When sbd was trading at 17$/SBD December last year. She nearly gave up continuing being a Steemian but I was able to convince her not to abandon steemit and encourage her to start all over again. Hence she opened another account @adoore-eu.

Had we known of this service, we would have employed it to save her account. I am booking marking this page for future references. Resteemed!

@eurogee, the founder of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

It's been available for a while for anonsteem users, but the information has only been in various posts, and provided when people email us about it.

A lot of people simply never knew, and with the surge in recovery requests I thought that I would make it clear on the site that we can in-fact recover accounts.

The important thing to remember of course, is that we can only recover accounts made through anonsteem. We can't recover an account if it was made via steemit.com (i.e. with phone number and social media link)

Okay. Thanks for the update.

I have a little of problem before, when I changed the password with the new one I forgot to copy my new password so I have copied another sentence, so I lost my new password, where can I contact you for the my problem?

Thank you for your attention! Much appreciate it
Regards @yandot


If the account is unused, then you may simply provide the order details with the old password/owner key, and we can recover the account.

If it has been used, e.g. there are a lot of posts on there and transactions, then you should follow the standard recovery evidence on the website.


I am seriously not particular about the prices, but the ability to recover accounts and passwords. This is simply amazing. I need to tell my cousin about this. He lost his password to a crashed phone without saving his password. He recently changed the password. He also just opened an account, a fresh one, with Anon after i sent him the link. This is super amazing. Anon it is, please. Thank you for this.

Thanks for sharing. Good to know as much info before getting into something. I read that LTC was the cheapest option for opening an AnonSteem account, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Paying with STEEM is the cheapest option at the moment at 3 STEEM = $15ish.

this is becoming a very big problem can you suggest a way out

I have resteem your blog. Please ,may I resteem your blog. Thank you.

This is innovative; This is impressive initiative. Very good luck to you and your team

If you lost your password to your account, we may be able to help you if it was changed recently (within the past 30 days) as long as you have at least ONE PREVIOUS PASSWORD. If you do not have a previous password, we cannot help you.

Owk this is pretty cool as I have been weary over the inability to recorver lost passwords on steemit. I found it rather improper. Ut it is good that annonsteem considered this and has decided to help with password recovery

I think my advice to many now would be to generate a new password every 15-30 days just incase it gets misplaced. Doing so would help anansteem and make their job towards password recovery easier.

Hi bro
I lost my password.
My Account name is @aungsannlwin . My phone is lost .It was 4 months .if I will get my account , I send to your account my SBD .please reply me.

I'm not sure how you handle your emails at AnonSteem. I tried to buy an account last night and sent the LTC to your address. I used my Coinbase wallet (which says there are 409 confirmations) and the block explorer says that your wallet got the LTC. The sign-up page expired before it could give me my password. I printed out a PDF of what it said - not paid and expired. However, you have my money and I don't have an account.

I sent an email to anonsteem at someguy123 dot com (substituting @ and . for the words). I haven't heard back yet (18 hours later). Is there some way that I can flag an email to make it high priority. I was supposed to get my account in 5 minutes, no?

My Issue is resolved and I have my new account. Thank you AnonSteem!

Good & nice information. Sir......

Thats ironic. I know somebody who just bought their account the other day with Litecoin for 0.17 LTC instead of 0.1 LTC.

what is this?

The best updates anonsteem @someguy123

Thanks u for sharing

Welcome for the inspiration! : )

Thanks again for the big time help.

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great post dear nice your writing @someguy123..

Voted for you to be a witness. Are you looking forward to suggest implementing syntax highlighting on steem? Guess that would be a nice enhancement to this platform.

Can you help me I tried getting a new account n I sent 5steem to @anon and I think it went to the wrong person I typed in @anonsteem but only @anon showed up in the transactions so now I’m screwed unless u can somehow help me the message I sent with it was stLF6HMJpIMhBqNNzmtG7LYZfSeAzrKF thank u


Unfortunately I don't own the account @anon, so you would need to make a new purchase.

As with every other crypto, there's no way to "chargeback" that money.

I didn’t think so thank u anyways

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Saya pendatang baru di steem, postingan anda sangat berarti bagi saya, terima kasih dan salam sukses bimbingan anda akan berharga bagi saya

@someguy123 Hey thanks for the update on AnonSteem... We really like AnonSteem and have used it in the past. We are, however, wondering about AnonymGOLOS. We paid 0.05 LTC for an AnonGolos account (named @encryptdcouple Order# : 5bb04ff1-ded9-4e22-9f69-88f9968e805a) and it says you need to fill up on more Golos before we can have our account. Any idea when we can expect that? We're just nervous because we don't want to accidentally mess up the tab that has our AnonymGolos page pending.

I used AnonSteem to create my account, and it was extremely fast and easy to do! I am very satisfied with this service, and not having to divulge private information to create an account on Steemit was well worth the few dollars it cost.

Thanks for creating such an awesome service, I am going to recommend it to all of my gaming friends that I start bringing over to the Steemit Darkside!

From a lowly newbie Sloth,


Really Amazing News ,First time to hear recover accounts and passwords. This is simply amazing. I need to tell my cousin about this. He lost his password to a crashed phone without saving his password.

This is a brilliant invention

Okay i'll try to contact you about this anonsteem

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Hi @someguy123 thanks for the update on AnonSteem. I have heard of AnonSteem through other posts, but this is the first one direct from you. It looks like a great service.

Especially, the account recovery service. I had an incident a week ago where I lost my password. Fortunately I had my previous password and it was less than 30 days old. It did take 2 - 3 days for Steemit to recover my account.

I have heard AnonSteem recovers accounts a lot faster, is this true?

Loved the privex post yesterday of the servers being installed over in Sweden. When I read posts like this one and the Privex one, it gives my so much confidence in the future of STEEM and Steemit as people like yourself are investing big time in its future.

You are one of my witness votes and I am so happy to be voting for you.

Nice post!

incredible struggle you this I personally really like with your post, I will resteem this post

Great news. woof

This are great news! I'll keep in mind. If my actual account runs well I'll invest into an anonymous one. Before this post i thought about creating a second account on blocktrades but @anonsteem is the better choice I think.
Thanks a lot someguy123..

ps. I've already upvoted for you as a witness some time ago

I absolutely love the Anonsteem service and have recommended it to all of my friends and gaming guildmates. The price decrease is also greatly appreciated by the community as a whole, I'm sure. Keep up the great work! @Someguy123

As a voting supporter of you as witness, @someguy123, you may understand my interest why you would promote a site bypassing the mechanism put in place by steemit to abate spamming accounts. Appreciate any answer you care to give.

The mechanism isn't to prevent spam at all.

The mechanism steemit has is due to the fact it costs 3 STEEM to create an account. If they get a lot of spam accounts, it will be costing them money.

Steem is an open blockchain, anyone can create a service like this (there are already several competitor that I won't mention), or you can even create accounts without one using cli_wallet or the steemconnect creation tool

The mechanism steemit has is due to the fact it costs 3 STEEM to create an account. If they get a lot of spam accounts, it will be costing them money.

That sounds like blocking spam accounts to me. Aporeciate your reply.

You are correct .... paying the 3 STEEM is an economic incentive to not open 1000 accounts. The only real way to spam is a direct memo but that still cost 0.001 STEEM and is not highly visible. For any account you choose not to follow or can mute their posts if you find it spammy.

Awesome news. I love the development on the blockchain. It will save many people the time of waiting.

Thanks big time @someguy123

Now that is great thanks for sharing about anonsteem great thing to get more steemians on board :D

Well I had no idea of about these way of @anonsteem .

Will sure let others know of about the process if anyone needs !

I won't help how to recover the account?informative post.......


Van I be so curious why you almost didn't upvote in the past week?

I tried to open one. Sent LTC about 2 weeks ago and sent several emails but have received nothing back. Apparently, you have run out of Golos?

i would like to bring witness t0 me ye i.d. 0 w/(h) e (a)d https://steemit.com/g0fig/@xubrnt/ned-steemit

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