Why wait for a Steemit account? You can get one INSTANTLY with AnonSteem!

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Tired of waiting for your Steemit account to be created? Don't have a phone number? Or did something just go wrong during creation?

Try AnonSteem - No B.S. - just $10 for an account created INSTANTLY. No waiting. No phone number. No email.

AnonSteem is the second biggest account creator on the network, with over 2000 accounts created and counting! Trusted by many, even Steemit Inc. staff have made accounts through our service :)

Where can I buy LTC, BTC, or STEEM?

  • Changelly (Card, or other cryptos, for STEEM/LTC/BTC, NO ID VERIFICATION)
  • Coinbase (Bank/Card, for BTC or LTC)
  • Litecoinlocal (Card, Bank, Gift Cards for LTC, NO ID VERIFICATION)
  • Bitstamp (Bank for LTC or BTC)

Changelly has HIGH FEES for buying using card payments, but they are the easiest. We recommend using other exchanges if you're willing to deal with potential ID verification, as you will get a better rate.

Once you have your coins, you can go to AnonSteem and create your account. Just enter the name you want, and how you want to pay. STEEM is currently the cheapest option in the list, with LTC as the second cheapest.

You do not need a Steemit account to send STEEM, you can send from an exchange, but please make sure to send extra (e.g. 11 STEEM) as some exchanges take fees when sending.

Once you enter your username, you'll be asked to send payment via whatever method you've chosen.

After you have paid, please wait a few minutes. The page will automatically refresh after about 2-3 minutes with your username and password.


Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?- YES. As long as you pay for the accounts via a service such as AnonSteem. Trying to create multiple accounts via Steemit.com may get you blocked from registration, because Steemit.com has to pay for your fee, so use a service such as AnonSteem if you want more than one.

I've been waiting a week for steemit.com, can I still make the same username on AnonSteem? - YES. If you're stuck pending validation through steemit.com's registration, you can bypass the validation by paying for the same username on AnonSteem.

How do they do it? - STEEM is a blockchain, using some programming magic, @anonsteem is able to create accounts by paying the fee directly to the network, rather than going through Steemit.com.

How many accounts am I allowed? - Via AnonSteem you're allowed as many as you like, but you will need to pay for each one.

How can I pay? - AnonSteem takes STEEM, LTC and BTC. You can choose which one you would like to pay with before ordering. If you don't yet have crypto, I recommend using Changelly or Coinbase to buy LTC.

Does the account work normally? - YES. You can use the account like any other Steemit account, upvote, comment, post, resteem etc. The account is not crippled in any form.

What happens if I need to recover my account after getting hacked? Email anonsteem [at] someguy123 [dot] com with your username, the original anonsteem Order ID, and one of your previous passwords or owner private keys used within the last 30 days. We will attempt to recover your account, and will issue you a new owner key to log in. WE CANNOT RECOVER LOST PASSWORDS. DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSWORD. KEEP A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL PASSWORD BEFORE DELETING IT FROM THE SITE

CONGRATULATIONS. You now have an account. Time to get posting!

Need another for your friend or family member? Go ahead, there are NO RESTRICTIONS. Create as many accounts as you need (unlike Steemit registration).

Try AnonSteem, and get your account in just 5 minutes!

Do you like what I'm doing for STEEM/Steemit?

Vote for me to be a witness - every vote counts.

Don't forget to follow me for more like this.

Have you ever thought about being a witness yourself? Contact me on STEEMIT.CHAT, or just ask in the witness channel. I'm happy to guide you! Join in shaping the STEEM economy.

Are you looking for a new server provider? My company @privex offers highly-reliable and affordable dedicated and virtual servers for STEEM, LTC, and BTC! Check out our website at https://www.privex.io


This is really a great service for the people who are facing trouble while creating accounts. Thank you @someguy123

Glad to see people still using AnonSteem!

I also vouch for the website and have used it several times. Its an excellent way to create a new account for a friend or yourself.

I've heard it takes about a week to get a new account registered through the main site (steemit.com) right now. It took my brother 3 days to get his account up and running last month.

Do you got any SP vested in the account?
In return for the 10Steem paid.

Thats not true! Just registered a few minutes ago within minutes!

Yep, I've used this service, and it's first-class. An amazing contribution for sure......the black background for this Anonsteem site looks a bit spooky, but the service is legit.

What he said, I've used the service also - totally satisfied.

The best account creation service there !
I've used it some time ago and it worked better than expected :)

I got my account through anonsteem when there was long waiting times. All you have to do is just fund your own account it is that simple and you can do that sending steem from any exchange.

Do we got any SP vested in the account? Or SP delegated?
In return for the 10Steem paid.

Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?- YES. As long as you pay for the accounts via a service such as AnonSteem. Trying to create multiple accounts via Steemit.com may get you blocked from registration, because Steemit.com has to pay for your fee, so use a service such as AnonSteem if you want more than one.

What fee, exactly, are you referring to that Steemit.com would have to pay?

There is a fee that is paid on the blockchain-by-the-blockchain.

The fee is more of a transaction that a for-profit fee, but it's just to prevent infinite accounts or something.

Think of it as a programming feature, one to protect the blockchain, rather than a bad or malicious fee.

This definitely seems much cheaper than some of the alternatives... ;)

Better Than some idiots JerryBanBomBamBim 😂

That is correct, I've utilized this administration, and it's top of the line. A stunning commitment for sure......the dark foundation for this Anonsteem site looks somewhat spooky, yet the administration is genuine.

Hi @someguy123, I'm interest with your post. Can I translate your post to my language Indonesia?

omg, now everyone is bidding on creating accounts, when did all this start? kind of a bad look for Steemit

In my opinion its bullshit! I just created an account and it took me minutes.......
Why should i pay for smth thats free and working fine?

sharing over on fb to help get some of my friends there to get smart

Great.. is it hard to get an account now??

It can be as verification happens

Nice helpful information
Thanks Buddy

I am not sure how difficulty if we can add the paypal or stripe payment method?

Do you buy and trade in Kenya?

Thanks a lot @someguy123. I appreciate your contribution!

Awesome thanks for sharing this. I can see myself using this one day if I ever want to create an account that focuses on articles for certain niches.

Technically this is spam, is it not? :)

This is good for the masses to hear but it literally only took me a few hours to be approved. I'm aware this might not be for everyone but its well worth the wait.

Quite convenient - thanks for sharing!

please follow me. and follow back

but...you forgot localbitcoin ;) Nice post anyways :)

Anom steemle steemit .com arasindaki fark ney neden anom ucretli steem ucretsiz sadece sadece zaman degildir sanirim

first time I heard of this service it seems great for companies that don't have time or ability to add the platform to quickly gain a presence on steemit for a product or service too

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This is awesome! Will share something about this today and tag you :)

After losing the password to my account I had trouble creating a new one via steemit.com. I used this service to create this account. Everything went smoothly.

AnonSteem? No, thank you - I'd rather use Jerry Banfield's awesome $50 signup-service lol

you guys are wonderful @someguy123
giving us options to be better everytime... you one guy i admire so much and always support your work... I mentioned you in my recent blog post, hope you do not mind... thanks for all you doing for us... keep it up

Only two days ago I was struggling with finding a method to buy Steem and I am still waiting few days, logistic issues..
Buy your post will be very helpful then, thank you so much☺
Enjoy @nature.art, my kind of Art!🌿

The post is helpful. Thank you

Hey someguy123! I really love anonsteem and ive used it many times. Im trying to do a bulk order for a group of college kids that all would like accounts. Could you give me a way to contact you like telegram or discord id? I have a few more questions. Thanks.

Hi @someguy123 just wanted to say whats up! I like your style, so i gave you a witness vote. Good luck! Make us proud! :)

This maybe the solution. My brother's account hasn't been verrified yet. Is it because of being on the same internet network. Maybe I'll give anon service a try.

Thank you for sharing dear it is amazing and information for every one.really helpful post for us.
Amazing post dear........
keep it up.
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