(31st July 2017) AnonSteem Temporarily Offline Due to problems with STEEM

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Just a small heads up.

Due to both wss://steemd.steemit.com ran by @steemit and wss://node.steem.ws ran by @jesta being offline, AnonSteem is currently out of order.

Apologies for this. We're hoping to be back online ASAP.


Is it back up?

Is this also the reason why steemnow.com is it working as well?
Thank you for letting us know @someguy123
One of my friends used AnonSteem to join steem a few days ago and luckily for him he won't be affected by this temporary down time

Unfortunately yes. RPC nodes use a lot of resources, which is why most services rely on public ones, like the now defunct steem.ws, or the public steemit RPC, steemd.steemit.com

I also got an account using Anonsteem, is this something to be worried about?

yes, all API nodes are down

really? that sucks.

Hi @someguy123

Is the problem fixed already?

I have tried to create a new account using AnonSteem but the system gave me an error.
Unfortunately, the system took my money but it did not create the account
I have sent an email to [email protected]‬ with all details
But I received no response. Please help!

so the rumors was right @someguy123

hi, I voted you as my witness, wish you help increase my rank , thank you .

Hi there! I have a question. My brother just signed up, (finally, I've been talking to him about this for months) and I heard there was a way around the waiting period. But would he have had to do something before signing up? Is there anything that I can do to speed it up? I'm pretty well known here as I've been here for eight months so I can definitely vouch for him, not to mention I've been posting videos of his music all along-- and I'm happy to pay some steem to accomplish this.

u can buy a new steem account.

Do you know anyone that will write a voting bot like minibooster and other booster bot? thk

@someguy123 I applied for the 'steemalls' account but it was not created.
Please ask for resolution.
thank you.

It worked for me...

Good service

Hello, @someguy123! I just paid in 5 steem to your account (anonsteem) to register for a new account @steemjet-games some minutes ago. My page was to automatically reflect comfirmation of the payment for me to proceed. But up till now, I've not gotten anything. What next please?


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