River therapy

in annual •  12 days ago

I have, always when not totally in tune with my environment, found the solution at the river. I use fishing as the excuse to be beside the water, which I find restores my troubled soul. The soothing sound as it slides by, slipping past the bank and brushing the long fingers of the Willow's hands which just always manage to reach the surface. The Cormorants diving nearby, seeking their free fish, and the Herons, standing like the incessant sentinels, awaiting their unsuspecting prey, with scythes drawn. The Kingfishers swooping from their precarious perch in the sky, diving into the water to alight a little further away, three seconds later, prize in beak. This is what makes the life bearable to me, as the cleansing facility washes my stress and frustrations, my depressions and manics away, allowing my psyche to see clearer once again. I maintain that, if we all could spend a regular term at the river, we would suffer so much less in the way of stress filled anxieties and manic depressions and the likes. Try it, you who are tired and anxious, and come away feeling refreshed and refilled and, even if you don't fish or, if you do but don't catch anything, then just sit or like back on the bank, and allow the therapeutical strains of the most magnificent concertos to cleanse your troubled soul. Oh, I cant wait to see my friend, the river, again.

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