This is a Declaration for Public Record

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This declaration is addressed to all who follow me, for as long as this record exists.

First, the Preamble...

For the purposes of this text, imagine me as writing this on parchment, by firelight, on a winter night in a far-flung place.

I am not yet returned. But I have set my mind, and my will, upon the task of "coming back".

There is much I must prepare for the journey, and even more I must do ahead of my arrival. But I am on my way.

Next, the Amble...

It must be stated, that although the timing is beyond my control (for reasons often kept well beyond my mind's grasp), the inevitability of my arrival has remained, unmoved. I will return because I have willed it so.

Followed by the Ramble...

It must be understood, by all that read this declaration, that:

I........... I will not return until all that must be done has been done.

II.......... I will not return until the forces at play on my adventures present an opportunity for me to do so.

III......... If my return is announced with a trumpet, then you have clearly missed my arrival. By then I've been around for
a while

IV......... The length of my stay will always be dictated by the nature of the task at hand.

V.......... Each time I return, it shall always be in service of completing the task at hand.

VI......... Every return shall be both like, and unlike the last. The mystery of the details of distinction is pretty much what makes the tasks worth doing.

VII........ The Wind is my guide, the Earth is my mother, the Storms are my tests, and Fire is my gift to the Void.

VIII...... My Mind, my Hands, my Will, my Insight, my Faith, my Joy and my Love. These are the only armament I can ever carry forth with me. Obviously, everything else, is some kind of improvised.

IX........ When I return with only my Mask, I return to seek sanctuary.

X......... When I return with but one Wagon, I return in acceptance of challenge.

XI........ When I return with a Carnival at my heels, I have returned to issue a challenge.

XII....... I walk the path that forever turns twixt Sanctuary and Contested Ground.

These are the twelve rules of my life.

Penultimately, the Postramble....

I hold none but myself to this accord.

And finally, the Truth...

I've been chipping away at a super big project for the past few years... Finally, parts of it are in motion. I'm really excited to start implementing many of the plans I've developed, and for all of the folks who read my weird stuff on this blog, y'all will get to see the beginnings of those plans fairly soon. The second half of the year is likely to be pretty sporadic in terms of posts, but I'll make sure to check in from time to time.

2020 on the other hand, is gonna be bananas (in lieu of an adequate word, I have chosen, instead, a humerus fruit).

Keep an eye out for me in July and August.

Peace, Love and a Little Madness

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