Fairy Tail Final Season (Episodes 6 & 7)

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As I always wanted, I'd like to share the actions and thrill of the magical world of Fairy Tail here in steemit and guess what? the anime is now at its final season with seven episodes released every sunday. I already shared the previous episodes given with its brief summary and I'm so happy that all of that post are curated well and by that, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to those steemians who willingly lend some of their upvotes to my post. Thanks a lot!


Episode five focuses on the purification plan of Zeref's follower in the city of Malba and how Natsu and company bestow their powers to cease the danger, but they have come to stop one big enemy. The man on a mask. The mind behind the plan.




Episode 6

Eipsodes six "Ikusatsunagi" continues the battle of Natsu and the leader of avatar cult. The man on the mask expected just as what the Fairy Tail had done to his companion and revealed their secret weapon to ressurect the great wizard Zeref. With the head of Natsu, the Fairy Tail reached the distance of the enemy and Natsu insisted to fight the leader of the cult. The man throws icy mirror to attack but Natsu broke it through his firey fist and smash him on the ground. The masked man revealed and summon their great weapon that they believe to finish the purification plan, the "Ikusatsunagi". A gigantic monstrous that can destroy everything he wanted. Natsu with his fighting spirit did not deprive himself from battling to the monster and instead making their frienship as his weapon and successfully slained the opponent through Igneel's destruction fist. The monster turn into ashes and slowly vanishes in the air. The sky lighted up and the city returns to its beautiful ambience. Gajeel who is now working on the council, jokingly arrested his guildmates but Erza's nasty looks returns everthing to fine.






Episode 7

Episode seven however, reminisces the memory of the great black wizard Zeref back to his childhood. Zeref a young and kind hearted boy was once had a younger brother which is Natsu. He believe that through learning black magic and studying life and death, he can take back the life of his brother to present but his mentors and teachers obstruct him from learning those lesson for it is much delicate and can harm not just himself but also the entire world. Zeref through his wants to make his younger brother alive, continues to harden his head and still keep on learning black magic. As years passed, the black spirit gradually rules his body and he just realized that his mentors are right and there's no way to escape his fate but to die. He created demons and dragons to kill him but all fails because whoever draws near to him will die. His great master piece is Natsu who is currently living and fighting him back. The episode continues in the present where, Fairy Tail members are arriving in the city of Magnolia where their friendship starts, to fulfill their mission in rebuilding Fairy Tail guild. Lucy cried because of happiness. It ends when Natsu found their teary guild logo and raised up in the sky.

Thanks for dropping by! Stay tuned for another thrilling episodes. You can watch the full episodes via youtube.

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