Akihabara Steem Structure Proposal

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Yeah, I know, boring title ^^

So, after a bit of thinking, this is my proposal for how to structure the Steem Anime Discord Server.
Names are of course also open to discussion.

“Ranks” of members

Starting from highest to lowest, with increasing restrictions:

  • Shogun: What other servers would call very boring Administrator or SuperMod. The ones with power over life and death. Did you know there was a practice called Tsujigiri – randomly killing people to test one’s sword?

  • Senpai: Our reliable Senpais will act as Moderators on the server. Can also post in Announcements.

  • Otaku: The “standard” user. Can read everything and post everywhere except announcements.

  • Inhabitant: Sort of getting-used-to or probationary status for Otakus that harassed the Maids. Can read everything but not post in the post promotion area.

  • Everyone: People that stumble on our server. Cannot see the “Management” area or NSFW or social rooms.

Channel structure


  • Akihabara-Station: The starting point and general talk place where all people can talk.
  • Hello and Help: If you need help or are just new, here is the place to say hello
  • Announcements
  • Post promotion Anime, Manga (including art); only Otaku and upwards can post here
  • Post Promotion member posts; only Otaku and upwards can post here
  • Post Promotion WWW

Akihabara Council

  • Tokyo-Tower: Okay, the tower is not in Akihabara, but it is iconic too and a great symbol for what the channel is about: Looking into the future of the Discord Server and the Steem anime tag.
  • Voting: Things to vote upon, casts and the results
  • Voting discussions, to be separated from the vote casts

Social Rooms:

Those are for discussing different things, with a bit of soft this-here and that-there so to not overwhelm readers or people speaking over each other’s head.

  • Maid-Cafe: For the Otaku stuff, like which Mecha would hurt Godzilla the most
  • Magical-Girl-Restaurant: For Arts, because art is magic!
  • Butler-Bar: Everything else.
  • Deculture!: (A reference to the Macross anime, which made the term otaku (originally a very formal “you”) known in the west and is likely the reason why western anime fans call themselves Otaku) Place for everything about Japanese culture.

The Name

We also need to talk about how we should really call the server. Currently it’s Akihabara Steem. Nothing wrong with this, but maybe you have a better idea?

Also I think it is a bit long. Japanese love to shorten things, and I think we should do it too, at least for a “nickname”.

I propose Akibasteem. Why? To quote the Wikipedia:

The name Akihabara is a shortening of Akibagahara (秋葉が原, "autumn leaf field"), which ultimately comes from Akiba (秋葉), named after a fire-controlling deity of a firefighting shrine built after the area was destroyed by a fire in 1869

Steem is meant to refer to esteem, but everybody thinks of steam, right? So if we take the fire god that gave Akihabara it’s name, and tell everyone we are steaming for anime on steem… then you automatically land at Akibasteem. (Also Akiba is understood as the short for Akihabara.)

What do you think? What sounds good, what would you make different? Any more ideas?


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What about spoilers and theories about ongoing stuff?

Also a section for games (I’m talking about games on steemit or discord) would be good.

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This is really important. We need a spoiler section. I personally think the games should be limited to the anime related stuff or at least an anime aesthetic.


The Dark Cave?
Where creatures lurk that attack unsupecting visitors with spoilers?


Or something like a bar.

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I agree with game section, but I prefer only games that have to do with anime somehow to be allowed. Make it a rule to include how it relates to anime if it's not obvious from the post itself. Mods misunderstand? Post deleted...

Wow, didn't know I'm evil... sorry.

Yes you two are right. Of course it should be related to animes. I was thinking about games like quizzes.

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Ok, the link to the server is this: https://discord.gg/7JQruwm for those that doesn't know about it but are interested.

As far as naming and roles go, how would you advance from inhabitant to otaku?. Also, I don't really care about being named otaku, but some people think it's too extreme... I really think it's the best term suited to us, though.
I mean, I suppose that to become an inhabitant you would need to at least drop a few words with us, but after that how would you progress? Restricting access to post-promotion will surely discourage many newcomers as well. This is definitely one delicate point that needs very careful refinement, let's see other people's comments.
Love the channel names, 10 points there :D but we should probably add one for rules, perhaps embassy or customs or outright Rules channel?
While I'm all for separating the channels into three, I'm not fairly certain about the one for members. I suppose it should be about anime or community related stuffs, to avoid members spamming otherwise unrelated content. I think some people are decent enough to keep it clean and only post interesting or otherwise helpful, but I have mixed feelings about it.
100% with the akihabara-council channel and structure.
The social rooms would be great additions, though I'm not sure they would be used at the moment.
Originally the short name I had was AkibaST, but akibasteem could work as well, it was in my naming ideas at first too. The steem-note idea also is otaku-ish, maybe we could use it as the name of the voting channel, or change it to the vote-note or something similar?


Mods would "promote" people. They have to do anyway and it is not necessary that known people go all the steps.
"Inahbitant" is the safety net in a way.

Restricting access to post-promotion will surely discourage many newcomers as well.

That may be, but if you are only there to drop links - do we really want those people? Others can still post the newcomers links.

should probably add one for rules

I thought that would be sticky in the hello and hep

I think this summarizes my opinion about your proposal quite aptly:

which Mecha would hurt Godzilla the most


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Ranks of members? OBJECTION!

I prefer Samurai or Ninja over Shogun... But I'm okay with every other characte user type! I think Samurai is better because they're code-of-honor warriors!

Who wants a king? I want a knight...

I'm okay with Akihabara city stores channels... I like how there's one for Otaku and one for normal people. Speaking of stores have you seen my own?

GOOOOO #AKIBASTEEM !! But I like it only as a tag I still want our channel name to stay Akihabara. What do you think of my opinion?

Nice. Man my only suggestion is that you add a channel for people who speak Spanish. Please ? u.u


I have no problems with spanish in the other channel.

But I think we will do an extra question on that.
Currently there are still a few problems with the channel rights, so I can't finish anyway.

Personally I like Akihabara Steem. It sounds so cool.


Too bad we already decided on the shorter form of AkibaSteem ;)