You can find almost every anime there is on National Anime

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A monthly donation site with everything you could want.

National Anime (link)

Have you seen all there is to see? This server hold over 2500 anime shows and 800 movies, without mentioning the hundreds of OVA series, mangas, manga oneshots, dramas and live actions. What you're looking for is likely to be found here.

Anime usually falls into a legal grey area, so if you don't have a problem with this when you want something too difficult to find by normal means, I highly recommend it. Direct links give you really fast downloads. Ongoing shows are readily updated as soon as it is available.

This anime list makes any japanese animations fan drool! FTP access will get that 1980 anime in a blitz, specially with their incredibly fast download speed. Because the only downside is having to know a little bit of technical knowledge to use file indexes and/or ftp transfers, this service is pretty much perfect for their target audience.

Just don't forget to visit the groups doing the fansubs of stuff you watch. There is no way you can let them down. They work very hard to release those subtitles, so pay them a little visit next time you finish watching another episode of your current favorite series.

[image source under Fair Use for commentary]

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