A Morning Warmup - An Animation and Some Concept Art - 20 Dec 2017

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arble 12 20 1 - 10.png

Some random stuff I've drawn this morning to kinda warm up and get some ideas flowing.

Mostly consists of my OCs Arble and Finrir, with a random animation and some concept art of the apartment that they stay at.

Thinking about doing an animation of them moving about the apartment for my portfolio, but I'm still kinda brainstorming it P:

Anywho, just some rough concepts and practice that I've been up to this morning~☆

arble 12 20 1 - 10.gif

That was actually the 10th attempt at getting that hand-sliding animation down. It was starting to get kind of ridiculous, so I wound up doodling something silly to go with it XD


Still not totally sure on Finrir's color scheme. (He's the doggo lol. The one with white hair.)

Next is some concept art of the apartment. Still not totally sure about the scale of the furniture - might make a 3D model to figure it.




I think the kitchen is still a bit crowded. Like? It's supposed to be a little crowded, but I feel like the island is a little big. Like... maybe a person couldn't really walk through there very well LOL

That being said, if I can get it to scale well, this would make for a nice area to do an animation for my portfolio.

Either way, I think that's all I'm going to do on that for today. I have a FlipnoteStudio MAP to work on, too! x)
(In this case, MAP stands for Multi-Animator Project - a bunch of animators get different parts of a larger animation to work on. I'm excited for it!✮)

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